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  1. Hi RETO, I would like for the next patch or following patches to include an optimization to the game. The reason I am mentioning this is because every patch we lose 5-10 fps every time a patch becomes available due to RETO’s new features. I gave you the benefit of the doubt for about a year and no changes were made. The recommended specifications for the game is a Ryzen 5 and RX560 and higher and I use a Ryzen 7 1700 and a RX570 8gb card with 16GB of RAM but I barely get 40-50fps on assault matches with tank/aircraft spam with low settings, medium render resolution, and action outlines off. I can understand not complaining if I am using a sub-par CPU with Integrated Graphics but I do expect this game to run strong on my Ryzen 7 1700 and RX570 8gb graphics card. I don't care about realistic graphics but this is just unacceptable especially when there is tank/aircraft spam in this game. I put the game at low settings and almost any system performance tweak but not even that worked. I am not asking for a new graphics engine but some game optimizations/tweaks to help improve the FPS next patch or the following patch. If needed, upgrade the game graphics engine or contact a company to help do such. Or just optimize the vehicle textures so they would not clog up so much of the game. If absolutely necessary, there needs to be a hard limit on the amount of tanks/ aircraft on the battlefield because as an infantry player, this makes me furious that I cannot play this game on excellent hardware. I am sorry for those tankers and pilots in the game but this game needs a change and may have to be done like it or not. I am sure RETO can market the next or following update in a way which is appealing to players like “Rise and Optimize” or “Optimization Overhaul” or something like that. I am sick and tired of the lackluster performance of my gaming hardware in this game and I hope you are too so we can work together with players and developers alike to help improve this game. I will guarantee players would be forever grateful with such FPS optimization as that would help improve gameplay experience, make players more likely to stick in the game, and recommend their friends to also play H&G. I am sure RETO is working very hard in their game development but this update is badly needed to maintain the life of the game. I, as a player is simply offering solutions to RETO as this affects me too. Overall, I believe that the next patch or following patch should be mainly an optimization overhaul. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day :).
  2. because RETO has a tendency to break the rule "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
  3. MagicalJester

    here are some thing I would STRONGLY recommend:

    not that bad of an idea.
  4. MagicalJester

    Heroes & Generals: The Sad End

    I agree with you especially with the optimization issues with this game. RETO needs to change it or even more people will leave the game. Even some H&G Youtubers like Toilet Productions expressed concern that they can't even get decent performance with the recent 1.22.1 patch . I get it that a laptop with integrated graphics shouldn't be able to run this game but as a person with a RX570 8GB and Ryzen 7 1700, it shouldn't be getting under 60 fps. I even had to turn down the render resolution to Minecraft levels. Then some people argue that you should get a better computer but the thing is that I already have a good computer. And keep in mind Triple AAA games run better than this game and Triple AAA games look far better in quality than this game.
  5. I am not expecting a laptop or even a gaming laptop to cut it when it comes down to running this game. But when my decent computer can't cut above 75 fps, then this is really frustrating to play especially when people decide to tank and aircraft spam. At least RETO should allow the possibility of utilizing more CPU cores as I paid good money for this system. Here are my PC Specifications: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 with stock cooler MSI Armor OC RX570 8GB card Gigabyte DS3H-B450 16GB ADATA XPG 2400 mHz DDR4 RAM Crucial MX500 7200 RPM WD Blue HDD 4x120mm fans Acer SB230 Freesync Monitor Thermaltake H15 Case
  6. I followed these steps and they still dont work. its a game optimization issue, not a hardware of even driver issue. Plus I am not using a laptop and I have no overheating issues. And i dont want to turn my graphics into Minecraft. Besides a good computer should run medium to high settings at 60-75
  7. same I made a pretty good rant about this in the forums. I have a Ryzen 7 1700 and an RX570 and sometimes drops down to 40-50fps on low settings with plane/tank spam. RETO needs to fix this issue next patch I hope. Your not the only one facing this problem lol.
  8. MagicalJester

    Best mods for G43 scoped

    What are the best mods for g43 scoped as I keep experimenting and could not find the right combination of mods to use in my G43 build.
  9. MagicalJester

    Knife and Shovel Camos

    Also try to add the New York Yankees Skin for the baseball bats while your at it :D
  10. Hi Reto, I would like to suggest for the next patch to include some optimization tweaks because every time the game updates, the FPS gets worse and not better. I have been giving you guys the benefit of the doubt for a year of playing but no changes. I also like how the game's recommended specs are a Ryzen 5 and higher and the RX560 but I can't maintain above 60fps in the action game with a Ryzen 7 1700, 16GB of RAM, and a RX570 8GB card and not even overheating at all. I am not asking for a new graphics engine to make this game better but rather make this game run smoother. I personally do not care about realistic graphics but I do expect a game to run decently on my Ryzen 7 1700 and my RX570 8GB card. I tried lower settings all the way to low but it is still not enough. I even disabled the action outlines as a temporary measure to fix this issue. Some H&G Youtubers have also pointed out that problem like Toilet Productions who struggles with game performance on a decent computer. This is unacceptable and I want more performance optimization especially when there is tank and aircraft spam. I can understand to not complain if I am running with a sub-par GPU and CPU or running an Intel CPU with integrated graphics but I do expect serious performance out of my Ryzen 7 1700 and RX570 even with tank and aircraft spam especially because I paid good money for this computer. And if needed, you should also reduce the amount of tanks and aircraft on the battlefield or limit the tankers and aircraft to players who que up in a plane or tank because as an infantry player, I am sick and tired of the lackluster performance out of my excellent hardware and I hope you are too so we can work together as players with developers on this issue that we all face. I am sure players would be very grateful if you can fix this FPS issue as many people can't afford to buy the latest hardware every year. Thank you and have a good day
  11. This is getting ridiculous because I have been waiting for months for RETO to fix the V-Sync issue. RETO has already not done an optimization overhaul which this game badly needs, not fixing the V-Sync issue when the framerate exceeds the maximum refresh rate even though V-Sync is ON, and the new issue which V-Sync doesnt work at all on fullscreen mode and only works on windowed fullscreen. Can RETO please do a fix to help fix this so this wouldn't happen again and fix V-Sync. I even tried putting an FPS limiter or enable V-Sync on my AMD card and it still doesnt work. Is there a way RETO can fix this coding because it clearly does not work. Thank you and have a good day :/.
  12. What graphics settings are best for my MSI RX570 8gb and my Ryzen 7 1700 at 75 fps?
  13. MagicalJester

    V-Sync doesn't work

    i like to use V-Sync to help stabilize my framerate and to make the game look smoother. I cannot get it to seem to work because it doesnt stop the framerate from exceeding the maximum refresh rate. I tried many solutions like updating my drivers and deleting my local settings on the H&G client but it didnt work.
  14. MagicalJester

    V-Sync doesn't work

    the thing is that it doesnt cap at the refresh rate but exceed the refresh rate. This excess in refresh rate causes a lot of lag and freezing which is not supposed to happen. V-Sync isn't working properly.
  15. MagicalJester

    Object quality slider is not working anymore

    The object quality slider isnt working and is starting to be a pain after 1.21.1 and I was hoping they would address the fix in the next patch but they didn't. Can you report this problem to the developers so they can fix this issue because I do not like the object quality slider to be stuck on high because my computer cannot handle the high object quality setting.
  16. MagicalJester

    Object quality slider is not working anymore

    Every time I tried to adjust the slider and hit apply, it reverts back the old setting and stuck. Is there a way I can fix this problem because it is hindering my gameplay when I get low FPS.
  17. MagicalJester

    Object quality slider is not working anymore

    it became almost impossible to even play this game especially because my computer isnt the best in the world.