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  1. HGUserLOL

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    Some psychedelics and amphe, and you?
  2. HGUserLOL

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    I do the same by Reds because 100000rpm PPD and PPSh and good controllable MGs (German MGs = trash)
  3. HGUserLOL


    So, today I played many rounds again. In every round who were IS-2, it was imposiple to play... We had good tankers but the dmg of IS-2 is to strong. In one round we fought with 6 tanks (Tiger, Tiger II and Jagdpanthers) against 2 IS-2 and one SU100. We had NO chance to do ANYTHING.
  4. Reto,remove AT from tankers...
  5. HGUserLOL


    Do you take drugs? I played a lots of rounds against IS-2 and ~75% they needed only 2 shots...
  6. HGUserLOL

    Make tankers play as a tanker

    Yes, I already play only Luneville because other as tanker is unplayable and now they also run around with AT there. To play tanker in H&G meanwhile is only funless. Reto, do something against the penetrating AT or remove tanks from game...
  7. HGUserLOL


    Why is the IS-2 so unfair? I mean, mostly the IS-2 make my Jagdpanther and Tiger II 2 shot, and I hit him 10 times and nothing happens... Last game in Luneville I and someone other with Tiger II fought against IS-2 and we had no chance. First shot made my Jagdpanther ~95% trash, its total ridiculous... Reto, please make it fair.