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  1. lonersgun

    AVS 36 Not playable

    I bought it and I like it. Now my top 3 guns are pps43 > AVS > Dt28. imo AVS is not so extremely difficult to use, but as you said it's extremely rewarding. I am not sure but it seems to be that AVS is more playable in stock. 15 rounds in mag pushing me to use the fast reloading badge.
  2. lonersgun

    AVS 36 Not playable

    The opinions are really different. Damn, this game needs shooting range. I dont want to spend 200k for nothing.
  3. lonersgun

    AVS in new patch

    Thanks for your answers.
  4. lonersgun

    AVS in new patch

    Hello everyone, I have picked once the AVS and it's recoil was awful. So I wasnt ready to spend credits for shirty gun. Now, how is it after patch?