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    New Countries

    If i won the lottery who knows i always fancied owning a company lol
  2. DarkPhoenixRising

    New Countries

    That is basically what i am hoping to address as you wouldn't need new skins initially for the soldiers as they could for dev reason just use the existing, there for what they would be doing is mainly developing the equipment which they are at the moment with things like flamethrowers. I wouldn't be expecting something like this over night this would be a longer term project to be undertaken but if they have the will to keep the game going this could open more funds for further development. I know this is a pipe dream in some ways however working in IT I have seen many projects fail many times until someone comes along and does it in a way that achieves the end goal for the end user by addressing the end goal of the company (money), so i see no harm in trying to do that if it means the game we like stays alive.
  3. DarkPhoenixRising

    New Countries

    or is it just that its because of the indecisive nature of the player base, like i say the way i look at it sometimes you have to point out the money not the gameplay reasons
  4. DarkPhoenixRising

    New Countries

    That is true but if it keeps coming up and coming up who knows maybe someone will see it that can do something about it, I would rather add suggestions in support of addressing issues and supporting things than just being defeatist on the subject. End of the day successful people are those that don't give up. Anyway my hope is post this hopefully get support and they spot it, end of the day i have addressed not just adding the nations but the benefits to their purse strings and money talks so who knows if the players support this rather than complain non constructively it may just inspire some change.
  5. DarkPhoenixRising

    New Countries

    Hi All, Please hear me out on this as I think if this had the support of the community and Reto spotted it then this could be a win all around. What i would like to suggest is a way to almost double the in game content and diversity of the battles giving the game a fresh lease on life, but also adding this would give more players more items to buy opening up money making opportunity for Reto. Suggestion Faction 1: Change the Name of the US faction to Allies Add British, French and other allied nations gradually along with their weapons and vehicles in so doing massively increasing the in game content and items for transactions The faction making up the US, France, Britain and its allies will then play the part of the current US on the war map as the allies Suggestion Faction 2: Change Germany Name to Axis Add Italy, Hungary and other Axis nations with their respective weapons and vehicles The Faction of the Axis would then fight as current Germany faction on the war map Sorry but I don't know much about the USSR other than Tannu Tuva and Mongolia but not sure that would make enough content to expand this. However that being said some changes could enhance their game play in terms of vehicles such as adding in the KV-1 and KV-2 The above could provide these benefits to Reto/Playerbase: Largest rebalance of the player base since the introduction of the Russians potentially giving more balance to the game in terms of players per faction, ie I would expect to see more players in the Allied faction than currently play them. With the amount of new weapons, vehicles and camo's being added the amount of badge grinding to players would add more for them to achieve helping long term players with new tasks. This would also aid Reto in the increased revenue from the gold purchases, this may even open up exhausted revenue streams as long term players would have a large amount of new items to purchase. I believe the increased diversity of weapons and vehicles could also help to balance out the factions, examples would show strongly in air and tanks with new tanks as the differing design concepts and values of the nations diversify the battles further. (I for one would love to see the Mosquito as the British heavy fighter) With the increase in diversity and quantity of the equipment that is added the amount charged for items in terms of gold could potentially be reduced and still mean increased income to reto Anyway I hope this is something that a lot of the player base can get behind.
  6. DarkPhoenixRising

    Advanced Roles - Infantry

    Yeah my aim with the Grenadier badge is also to kill the troops more often in jeeps if you don't one shot it, I do occasionally swap it for rapid reload
  7. DarkPhoenixRising

    Faction Resource - Queues

    What has happened to the war resources tab it was great up until this latest war and now i cant even deploy my teams due to the lack of resources, have they nerfed it in the patch or something and if so why as the outcome is more decided by the heroes then the generals in some ways Edit: 1 hour on dropped 1000 places 8k to go, come on Reto either generals is open to all and all should get supply or close it to a clan system this as it stands is making half the game unplayable, this is ridiculous.
  8. DarkPhoenixRising

    Advanced Roles - Infantry

    This guide I have put together is intended for advanced tactics to support the team, it is based to tried and tested strategies by myself but is only based on my experience results may vary from person to person. I am hoping this will be a guide that will help newer players who seek to become more diverse and well rounded players, I welcome any additions to this thread however I respectfully ask lets not argue over the tactics what works for one person may not work for another so a good variety of tactics delivered in a positive manner I believe will be infinitely more useful than a thread arguing over the tactics as I would like the information clean and easy to access for new players. The Defender The Rambo The Support/Marksman