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  1. KP78

    Bonus reward bug

    After 7th day it goes straight to 2nd day. It should go to 1st day which doesn't give bonus (which could be 1000 credits).
  2. KP78

    AA gun, gun sights glitch.

    For that about 4 months I have been playing, it has always been same. It just works like that in game.
  3. That is bad. We have weapons that are unlockable as normal faction weapons and then some just arent usable. I understand captured weapons that you have to pick up and shoot tho make them unlocked will not be usable, but this. Just no sense. Even if M1A1 is easy to get. Oh no. I think wrench is most important in many cases (it really may save your life in game when you are fixing friendly tank that is shooting enemy tank) and there is no point wasting them in depot.
  4. KP78

    Captured PTRS

    I don't see why GE player would want PTRS, they have panzerbuchse which is much better. I don't see why US player would want PTRS, they have M9A1 which is much better.
  5. KP78

    Low FPS

    I have GTX 1060 too. Only way to fix is new graphics card like Nvidia RTX 3070, which may be impossible with todays chip problems in China...
  6. KP78

    Graphic Device Removed

    Got Error 522 from that link. Delete localsettings.ini and try again to let game detect your graphics. If it doesn't help, re-install game.
  7. I would advice to use latest Windows 10 dev build 21359 and latest drivers (graphics and chipsets). If you are not insider, check latest updates. Or if you have installed recently some update that is causing problems, roll back few updates. Edit: completely disable Xbox game bar (and remove if possible).
  8. KP78

    Modern attack weapon

    Yes, very bad to have old WWII guns in a WWII game. We definitely need much better guns like AA12 Atchisson assault shotgun, PHASR rifle, XM2010 enhanced sniper rifle and probably MQ9 reaper drone. But would it then be WWII?
  9. It is Bazooka M1A1 which SU also have so I think it can be used for SU just by unlocking it first?
  10. Does this still apply and how exactly? Will gear be buyable like price 0, or how you distribute them? I'm thinking if I promote one guy in future that has DP-27 and bazooka and would give them to 2 different soldiers but I would like to know how it will be done.
  11. KP78

    Capturing town alone?

    Also when you focus on your own job, for example recon. Always there is some one who thinks revenge kill is most needed thing to do. Why not focus on the game itself and do what you should do, capture and defend control points and objectives, help team mates and be a team? When you get killed, move on. Spawn again and continue running to capture. Have looked many times how GE players work as team, 1 guy has tank and 1 guy is support gunner, few others are mechanics and run along tank with mp's/stg's. And what will SU players do? 1 guy in his own tank, no support gunners, very random to have someone fix your tank and never someone running along and killing anti tank rambos. Maybe german players have clans and like to attack newbie russians, but still team work should be first thing to focus on. 32k credits for wrench is in many cases much better investment than 200k lmg. It's hard to shoot tank down with lmg, easier with tank that is fixed while getting shot. This may be too objective, but this is how I see after 3 months of playing. Comrades not comrades. Except for very few cases. Once there was someone who pointed me to pick some german lmg when I had only pistol.
  12. This just happened for real: Capped D3 and D4 as SU with few guys, went to O1 which were capped too. Then to O2, but O1 got capped by US. We had C-line and D-line capped, everybody then moved to D-line losing it point by point... I think everyone was at D2 when I moved to O1 and capped it all alone. Almost got brown pants while waiting some US soldier come to kill me... Then I ran to O2 and noticed someone capping O1 back... Will I be fast enough? In O2 staircase, waiting again for some US soldier to kill me, heard some tank leaving spawn point and pass by, maybe some SU recon shooting (that US soldier who tried to cap O1 back?). And what happened? I capped O1 and O2 alone! But that wouldn't happened without the other SU recon guy who was hidden somewhere else than cap zone, I only heard him shooting couple times. Thank you. But. H&G is meant to play as team, not solo. Why did all SU soldiers go to D-line and not to try cap O1 and O2? Why people are aalways at one point? Better would be to have 1 squad capping one point and other squad ready at next. Let bots fight with eachother, think step ahead with team mates.
  13. KP78


    Just use basic rifle without mods. Th best and most efficient way to get money.
  14. KP78

    Why is there no UK side

    I wish allies really were allies in this game. They could use their tanks against jagdpanzers.
  15. KP78


    Well, looking on forums news & updates you can see it is not updated for long time, so probably nobody reads your message. Your best try is to get support ticket but I don't think memberships are refunded at all. Best advice: never pay anything on a game that is not ever finished.