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  1. Greybeard_LXVII

    Bots need fixing

    The bots in First Encounter should be buffed a bit. They teach new players like me to just stand and shoot. That works for killing bots, but not for killing any player except me. Maybe a bit stronger bot in Colfang Hamlet. Samsung Depot is used for a player's first battle and making that one easy is a good idea.
  2. Greybeard_LXVII

    Scoped M1G or BA for Infantry Sniper

    Thanks. I'm using the scoped M1G on him. It works pretty well. I might make a sniper with the M1903, but first I want an LMG guy and it would probably be good to have the flexibility of an AT guy.
  3. Greybeard_LXVII

    Scoped M1G or BA for Infantry Sniper

    My M1G soldier is probably going to max out the M1G ribbon this weekend. I am planning on making him an infantry sniper and would like a recommendation on which weapon to use. The options I am thinking about are: 1. M1G, Scope, Scout II barrel, Match ammo 2. 1903 with scopes and barrels as I level them. I can't see the specifics until I buy the rifle. I have been playing a recon in capture and hold recon games. I like the play style, even though I'm not real good at it yet. Two things I don't like are trying hip shots with the 1903 and the slow reload when I need another shot. I suspect that the M1G would be better when getting into close quarters when defending objectives. I also have a CQC soldier with grease gun and grenades. Advice on which badges would be best would also be appreciated. I only have a few bronze badges.