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  1. CashBanooca

    Why do you play?

    I play 1 battle every few weeks to remind myself how shirt HG feels to play , without fail its ALWAYS the shirty moscow server , I get annoyed for the now long wait times for anything but infantry , play about 15 minutes before I get so annoyed by STGs 1tapping heads from across the realm that I instantly uninstall the game again and dont feel the urge to play again for another 3-4 weeks , and by the looks of it , the time I can go without punishing myself again gets longer and longer every time In the meantime I have played other FPS games whenever I felt like and it became more and more obvious to me that I absolutely HATE the gameplay in HG , everything feels clunky , slippery and random , random spray patterns , random headshots that take you out of the game for no other reason than AIDS RNG , randomly thrown together matchups where teams either beat their opponents so hard that they lose any and all will to live or get completely and utterly fisted up to the ellbow no matter how hard you try to carry HNG in a nutshell should be renamed to RNG because everything is random for a very long while I thought FPS games have to feel so shirt , pointless and random , but I think im in a way starting to break free from this way of fooling myself HG , at the moment , is good for one thing and one thing only , reminding you on why you shouldnt play HG
  2. CashBanooca


    das kleine bisschen rest spielgefühl das noch da war - sicher hast du auch schonmal dieses 1 in 10000 match gehabt wo der ganze nervende müll wegfällt , keine unbalancten teams , keine ungewinnbaren attacklines , kein waffen gespamme jeglicher art ... du weißt schon , wie das spiel EIGENTLICH sein sollte aber wie schon gesagt diese 1 in 10000 kämpfe sind so selten das sie es eh schon kaum wert waren dafür zu spielen , ich denke mal jetz fällt das noch weg was noch da war
  3. CashBanooca


    Da bist du schon ein bisschen spät dran , letze update hat diese funktion schon reingebracht , viele leute haben aufgehört zu spielen weil sie das update scheisse fanden Ich kann aber beide seiten verstehen Auf der einen seite ist das dauernde STG44 gespamme in sämtlichen kämpfen ( ob staged oder im krieg) einfach nurnoch zum haare ausreissen nervig Anderseits ist damit auch viel vom spielgefühl flöten gegangen und ich sage mal einfach vorraus das die überpopulation von GE im krieg nach dem anfänglichen absinken einfach nur noch mehr ansteigen wird weil es jetz einfach garkeinen grund mehr gibt andere fraktionen zu spielen in denen die meisten spieler einfach nur krude noobs sind ( siehe meiste US teams in staged ) Alles in allem ist das halt ein typisches Reto update gewesen , unüberlegt , unangekündigt , unsinning , und vor allem in deren fantasie unheimlich luktrativ , das war sowieso der ausschlaggebende punkt , mehr ingame währung vernichten und spieler zum gold kauf zwingen Ich persönlich hab wochen vor diesem update aufgehört zu spielen , eine entscheidung die ich nicht bereut habe . Einer der hauptgründe war das alle dauernd nur die selben 2-3 waffen spielen weil die alle anderen waffen unnötig machen , jetz hat man sich im hause reto halt gesagt : " Hört mal , wir haben sowieso keine ahnung was wir beim waffenbalancing machen , wenn die leute alle dauernd über OP waffen heulen darf jetz halt jeder die gleichen 2-3 waffen spielen und nicht jeder die 2-3 gleichen waffen der fraktion egal wie man das update findet , reto ist , war und wird das sowieso immer egal sein wenn sie meinen das sie damit mehr geld verdienen- würden die ihre eigene Oma aus dem rollstuhl schubsen , das haben sie im übertragenen sinn mit diesen update auch getan und jetz müssen wir alle damit leben , oder so wie ich alle 2-3 wochen ins forum schauen und darüber lachen wie reto sich wieder und wieder und wieder und wieder selbst in den gleichen fuss schiesst
  4. CashBanooca

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    I found a even better way to keep myself happy - I uninstalled :) was a tough realisation that I will never be as good as those 120 kill 4 death behemoths in war and im sick of trying and getting stomped the game has stopped beeing fun a long while and I somehow tried to force myself to stick with it until I "git gud " but I simply cant and never will so I just give up I will also stop posting in the forums , because quite honestly , why bother when you actualy hate the game its linked to ? not that anyone cares but ... bye I guess
  5. CashBanooca

    In-game chat moderation.

    thats quite a good idea , nothing good ever comes from the lobby chat or ingame chat , I have to know , I am one of the main reasons because its my sworn duty to verbaly abuse teammates that sit on their butt and just wait for the end
  6. CashBanooca

    Why does M1919 suck?

    I would say the svt and m1g are roughly equal , what the SVT has in ROF the m1g has in increased accuracy , the m1g has lower ammo but the svt recoil is a little less predictable so it all stays the same In my opinion , the g43 however in my opinion beats the m1g in accuracy , lacks ROF tho out of all the weapons in this game I would dare to say that the semi auto rifles in this game are probably the most balanced weapon group even tho I am 1000% sure that by this point of the post 20 wehraboos will angrily have started writing a 20 page essay on why the g43 is absolutely unusable and gets destroyed by the m1g and SVT but I guess thats the nature of the game what I do however agree on kind of is that the thompson is not a bad gun in itself but I think the m1m2 just fills the same role MUCH MUCH better and makes the thompson kind of obsolete Infact im almost sure that the stock m1m2 without mods performs better than a modded thompson As to OPs question why the 1919 is bad , its probably because HMGs are extremely stupid to use now that they basicly need the bipods to be effective as for the recoil , there are a few ways to make the 1919 a bit better , just add sights and the accuracy barrel , raw damage is not always the best option if you need the additional ROF just try the spring , it doesnt add the instability the trigger does , with TGG and deadeye you should be fine as long as you dont sprint , but thats something all HMGs share right now A lot of the US weapons have the problems that they are not technicaly bad guns but they are greatly outshined by other factions OP guns f.e the BAR is not a bad weapon for what it is , its just that it has to compete with the dp28 and the memegun34 that are both insanely good right now
  7. CashBanooca

    Where is Hades?

    to be honest , as much as I feel with hades ... It was foolish to just expect the forum to sing praise and chant kumbaya after a few weapon tweaks , especialy since HG has been gathering salt and to an extend salty players for half its runtime as much as I appreciate some of the latest weapon balance attemps ( and some I do not appreciate so much ...) HG has been buffing and nerfing pretty much the same weapons for how long now ? the fact that its still either a complete destruction of the gun with nerfs or random unnesscary buffs like the mg34 just shows that there is no greater plan or thought behind those nerfs and buffes and its just a big attempt of trial and error I can understand that the devs dont give a shirt about the forums anymore , but I also understand that its partialy their own doing by just stubbornly ignoring problems that more than once nearly killed the game Right now posting any change or litteraly anything on the official forums is just a game they can only lose , back when they still had the manpower and money to change stuff but simply refused to it would have been justified to bash them to a degree , now its just a bunch of salty people flogging a dead horse pulp that has been beaten into the ground so hard that nearly nothing of it is left In other words , just because the first time in their history there is really nothing reto can do with the resources they have , doesnt mean that people will magicaly stop hating on the problems they have been hating on for half or more of HGs runtime and to quote the great ben "yahtzee" crowshaw :" but you know how it is: cows go "moo," dogs go "woof," MMO players go "the PvP is unbalanced."
  8. CashBanooca

    Soviets are OP

    you do realize that this was a post from 2017 right ? no need to necro post
  9. CashBanooca

    Low FPS

    Just add them to the localsettings.ini file you can get there from the HNGsync window that opens when you open the game HNGSYNC window> File>edit Localsetting.ini now a text file should open , most of the commands are already in there , the only thing you have to change is translating the commands to localsettings - render.enable_subsurface 0 for example would be translated to render.enable_subsurface=false 0=False (disabled) 1=True (enabled) If a line is missing , for example render.enable_tessellation=false you add it amongst the other render.enable options in its own line once you have changed all the settings you want go to Files > save ( this is important as the settings will reset otherwise ) I would not Add Streamer.maxvideomemory - you lose too many details for almost no performance gain if you are CPU bound if you want some more options and a video on how to add them - GPAKOS made a video explaining how to do it Click Me for Link Also in order to save the process priority to high you can download a programm called prio from it lets you change the process priority in your taskmanager and also save it , aswell as core affinity ( not needed for this ) by the way , inside localsettings.ini render.GlobalLODDistMultiplier=1.500000 is currently bugged and cant be properly changed
  10. CashBanooca

    AVS in new patch

    not only that , the lack of hipfire is also the reason the AVS doesnt have access to EZ mode random headshots as easily as both the m1m2 and the autoheadshot 44 with how broken hipfire headshots can be its really a major downside to be the only assault rifle that can not really hipfire
  11. CashBanooca

    Game fixes

    yes no , better scope options that what recons should be for , infantry snipers are already plenty Yes , wont happen tho because they dont have a map designer right now thats what they are supposed to be , cosmetic , adding another layer of protection ontop of arm and leg hitboxes and heavy set would not only be a balance nightmare but also border on pay to win if you consider the price of some of those camos they already provide what they are supposed to , camouflage in certain situations , nothing more nothing less
  12. CashBanooca

    AVS in new patch

    nah , dont bully the poor wehraboos man , according to them GE is the worst faction in the game by every imaginable standard and its purely their elite skill and razor sharp wit that makes them playable at least a bit ... please dont disturb them by mentioning that they still have the biggest playerbase and win most battles in war , its all just a giant scheme of the US and SU to hide that GE is underpowered as hell after all , if you dont win the war by default because half of your team is slaughtering new player in staged instead of playing warbattles its all in vain .... I suggest to make the STG 1hk aswell as removing any recoil off the mg42 while maintaining its ROF and giving it a 8x scope ... after all if you get outsniped by a SA at 200 m with your 1000 rpm LMG its just bullying really anyways I see what they are trying to do with the AVS but its just not working , the bigger damage at range is hardly ever a factor because it recoils so violently , its basicly outshadowed by the SVT in every way , Im not saying thats that a problem in itself but its just weird to have a weapon without real purpose that unlocks that late , it recoils to violently for proper range when modded , its too vulnurable against the other assault rifles in CQC because it has absolutely no hipfire at all and the bullet builds are basicly meme builds because of the LMG level recoil ... alltho im almost sure the DP28 is still a better assault option than the AVS right now , but im not sure on that one
  13. CashBanooca

    STAGED battles

    ^This so much Those battles are just a complete waste of time anyways , not only do they hardly reward any exp for players who are still grinding their base equipment , they are also hardly ever fun , or winnable by default - thats a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad first impression for a game when you can never win against teams that simply have no buisness to be in staged anyways - it also strongly leads people to P2W accusations because new players dont have many credits yet and if they constantly have to tryhard to get anywhere they also wont get any credits and see some of the credit prices for weapons and straight up leave the game with an unfavorable reccomendation on steam they could also just create a list of active battles for war battles like they had in the past as a compromise want a fast battle without matchmaking ? pick one of the active war battles want a "somewhat " even playing field ? queue for staged battles also the way it is right now , you have to wait a long time anyways and still get put on bad servers with uneven teams , there is nothing worse than having to wait 10 minutes for a battle that has 200 ms ping and is lost in 5 minutes tops , I wholeheartedly agree with bibor here and say I would rather wait 15 minutes for a proper battle than 10 for one that is impossible to deal with anyways
  14. CashBanooca

    Sturmgewehr 44

    in my opinion it should sound like THIS ... you know to better represent the average user I also have some very interesting camo ideas for the gun
  15. CashBanooca

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    for all I care they can introduce GE vs GE battles , I would actualy love to see that happen , the amount of salty tears would be delicious anyways I have played arround 3 battles today and left probably up to 20 or more , the 3 battles I played against the US were much MUCH more enjoyable and playable than any of the GE battles I had for the last few days the nature of the battles against the US is completely different , first of in staged only a few players have the m1m2 or god forbid the stg , so I dont have to carry hard all the time , I can actualy play recon planes , recons , tanks and other special classes without fear of instantly losing the battle if I dont throw away my spawns onto the caps over and over again I would highly suggest to anyone whos feeling the same fatigue to play SU vs US battles , they are on much more even field and the battles are actualy fun and last for longer than 5 minutes of bumrush cap spamming