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  1. CashBanooca

    it ld be loosing mr reto

    wouldnt be suprised if that is the point of the whole operation - hear no evil , see no evil , speak no evil its not like proper feedback on broken hitboxes , laggy servers , lopsided RTS coding an all that has ever really brought us anywhere , after all the best way to hide your inability to deal with a problem is silencing those who point fingers at it the point of moving to discord is , like hades pretty much admitted , to create an envoirment where they can deal with negative voices in a far less time and effort intense way , its basicly the attempt to streamline the whole process of declaring valid concerns as toxic and trashtalking they made clear that they are not interested in sanatizing the forums because according to them "many people on here dont play the game anymore " and "It would be too much effort because a lot of people would have to leave " which pretty much says that they have no interest in reclaiming long time vets or their favor because they are basicly milked dry from a financial standpoint aswell as reto not being interested in overwhelming negative feedback - no matter if its not constructive or constructive What they are missing is that the toxicity will just follow them to discord , and in the end when people get mass banned on discord aswell they will realize that pandering to a bunch of HG super stans and paid schills will not get them anywhere because those people dont bring in new players , in fact those people are OK with the state the game is in , which is an alarming mindset considering how deep HG has fallen already playerbase and quality wise The most insulting thing tho is that they still claim that negative feedback is valuable to them when their actions speak a much clearer message but enough rambling , making posts about this wont change anything , its already decided , everyone knows the reason , the only way to veto a bad reto decision is a shitstorm of large proportions and that is pretty much not going to happen at this point because of how split , toxic , small and desinterested the community is at this point reto will retreat to discord , realize that the toxicity will just follow because the deeper root of the problem is still not solved , they will keep banning people on there till they have accumulated enough negative emotions in the playerbase to permanently kill the game because the only valid concerns is that of some 12 year old timmy who wants nothing but new weapons , skins and call of duty /battlefield copy paste stuff because that is the lowest hanging fruit to pander to - screw everything , we are all doomed , deal with it
  2. CashBanooca

    Advice on dealing with German aircraft

    the honest answer is : you dont deal with them unless you have a realistic chance HG loves to create situations where you simply cant win against enemy air superiority - if one of the following happens - dont bother wasting credits or time flying Situation 1 : the enemy pilots have vastly more experience than you do . Its a common misconception that a hard competition will always mean you get better , this is only true if its in a situation where you can recreate the situation in your mind and ask yourself "what went wrong ? how can I do better next time ? " in HG youll have to face players who have litteraly done nothing but fly in the last 6 years - they know how to use the controls to their absolute best , have mastered their plane and all its benefits and weakspots , as someone who switched over from other flying games you will have to start from scratch because , like you already noticed yourself , outrunning and boom and zoom tactics really dont apply in this game or at least not to the degree they do in other games some HG pilots can easily take on 3-4 medium skilled other pilots and there is not much you can learn from getting shitblasted by someone who doesnt even operate remotely on your skill level , its quite like you are trying to learn to ride a bike with trainingwheels on the public highway - find battles that challange you , but simply ignore battles where you are simply outclassed by people that litteraly do nothing else but fly in HG Situation 2. the enemy team has the complete air superiority this is not as dire as the first situation , unless you also have experienced players among the armada of enemys , you might end up in battles where the enemy has 6-7 pilots in the air , more often than not its usualy at least half of them in a fw190 - if the enemy has the complete air superiority its often wise to just use infantry to cap because their team cant defend well when half of them is specialists , HG is a infantry based game after all , use that to your advantage , you could potentialy get a few kills here and there but the learning effect is also close to 0 because if you have 6 enemys on your tails blasting cannon shots over the whole damn sky you are bound to lose a vital component in seconds , sometimes the enemy team will actively spawncamp you too because of how atrocious the air spawns are , again you are not learning anything when the situation is FUBAR from the getgo , dying in a hailstorm of enemy fire has never thought anyone anything In conclusion , only lift off when you have roughly the same people in the air that your enemy team does , this is INCREDIBLY rare because in lost battles the winning team will almost always spam planes , sometimes GE has the habit of spamming planes anyways , its the sad truth , unless you know exactly what you are doing already , have a match you can actualy win because the teams are roughly even in both numbers and skill - Dont bother , youll save yourself a lot of credits , and even more nerves Also im fully aware that I will get completely condemned to hell for this advice by either some 12 year old gopshite who thinks you can win anything and save the day if you just belief in yourself enough ( the same type of people that stroll into warbattles with 150 infantry without vehicles on a town attack and expect to win if they just try enough ) and also by long time air aces who have grown completely disconnected from the new player experience in the air because for them getting 25+ plane kills in one battle without getting killed themself is as natural as brushing teeth in the morning ... guess what , those aces are actively advicing new players to fly against them because its easier to farm kills that way TL;DR if you are not a pro at this point , dont expect to become one before the game dies , you would have to make up 1000s of hours of experience while also severely outnumbered , so unless you are a glutton for anal abuse or are looking for a way to effectively destroy 500 000 credits with plane repair bills .... dont bother
  3. CashBanooca

    The hardest person to be honest with is yourself

    wouldnt be suprised if this thread gets locked too Apparently giving feedback of that kind is "toxic behaviour " Alltho I dont even know if there was ever constructive negative criticism on this forum that succeeded , it had and always will be that only a shitstorm can veto decisions in this game , otherwise decisions get pushed anyways , its a completely home made situation they have here by ignoring valid CONSTRUCTIVE negative criticism so long that the people that suggest stuff get toxic over the time because they feel like their voice is not heard Its quite a genius method really to silence negative voices , ignore the moderate negative voices for so long and dont even communicate with them until they turn sour or "toxic" and than you can title them as toxic vets , trashtalkers and vocal minority so you dont ever have to be face to face with the problems that turn those people toxic after all , who cares at this point about feedback given on the forums , hades pretty much admitted that the forums get closed because it would be too much effort to sanatize it from crusty old ney sayers like us - hence why I said in another thread that the negativity that is currently in this forum will just swoop over to the discord , no matter the moderation or stricters rules Its a fundamental communication problem that has always been present in this game bar , maybe the first 2 years of the game I know some overzelous mod is probably writing my ban reason down as anyone reads this but screw it im gonna say it and graciously accept my warningpoints/ban /whatever for it Your community does not feel appreciated reto , we know you are in a financialy difficult situation and im honestly sorry aabout that but you cant deny that the lack of communication , appreciation of feedback and general interest in even properly written feedback by longtime players is a problem that is not going away by pouring a lot of concrete over this "toxic " septic tank , because like with real septic tanks , if you dont sift through the sh*t sometimes to clean it up its eventualy going to rupture from gasses , it also doesnt help to just concentrate the leakage into another empty pool until you eventualy have to move on from there too TL;DR before I get banned on the spot , the community and its vets are toxic partialy because the communication has been really poor for such a long time , most of the playerbase does not feel appreciated , feedback is incredibly hard to give because its either considered toxic or not pressing enough Again , if any of you fine gentleman want to throw another few warning points or even a ban my way , who cares at this point - its my honest opinion that the problems you will now have will always come back and bite you in the rear as long as you dont deal with them , no matter how often you move to a different platform
  4. CashBanooca

    Goodbye forum warriors

    Ah the usual reto way of dealing with things "we dont know how to deal with this so we just completely give up on it " reto , bubbys , I hate to break it to you guys , but , just because you close the forums the negative feedback will not just vanish , all that this move does is shift the negative feedback from the forums to discord , are you eventualy going to abandon that too if the people are too honest ? You are fooling absolutely nobody by thinly disguising this as centrification attempt
  5. unconfirmed sources say that HG is currently living from month to month financialy , do you think that the summer drought of players rather going outside than play games will break HGs neck this year ? I noticed that its taking considerably longer now to find infantry battles that are at least half populated on anything else than absolute peak time another indicator could be that HG recently hit its lowest average playerbase on steam charts too , do you think that is related to people switching to the EGS or is it a sing of people leaving ? I mostly play against the same people over and over again and it feels like there is relatively little fresh blood in HG that keeps the game going because of some rather horrible difficulty spikes for new players ( namely modded assault rifles in staged , aswell as tanks spawncamping teams without AT options ) Whats your opinion ? is this summer eventualy going to break the last straw this game is clinging to ? do you think there might be other factors for its downfall or do you think the game is going to continue on like its always been without making any major changes ? Let me know your opinions !
  6. CashBanooca

    Best mods for G43 scoped

    for the g43 it doesnt really matter which mods you put on it , theoreticaly you can even go for full RPM and precision ammo ( alltho I wouldnt do that ) Here is a selection of moding styles and how I would use them : anschusspatrone , scope , heavy spring , scout II = maximum range / infantry sniper default ammo , scope , light spring , field trigger , scout II = close range spray and pray / medium spray and pray anschusspatrone , scope , light spring , scout II = good mix of accuracy and RPM (( trigger adds a tiny bit more instability ) and the mentioned balls to the walls build Anschuss patrone ,scope , field trigger , light spring , scout II = hardest to control , still arround the same TTK that the build without bullet has (( scout II already makes it a 2 hit kill )) as to getting used to it .... g43 is definetly harder to master than most of the automatic guns in game but they can be very rewarding if you get the hang of them , other than that they are very ping dependant to use , if you want to use any semi auto rifle I wouldnt really count on them on any server over 30 ms ping , they get so unreliable in high ping situations that almost any automatic gun and especialy the stg will almost always do a better job even at range
  7. you know these can take up to 2 months to get answered sometimes right ? Same reason I dont write a support ticket , f.e the moscow server has packetloss - only the moscow server . none of the others for me - still wont write a support ticket because im almost sure the game will probably be dead before I get a satisfying answer from there . Im not even trying to sh*t on the support guys here , they are doing gods work , but with a game the produces so many errors , crashes and server related problems they have been put at an impossible task and as often mentioned before , the forums are pretty much dead too because most of the feedback is collected on discord now apparently
  8. if the ingame v-sync doent work , you could meanwhile try RTSS (Riva tuner statistic server) and set a frame limit there , it probably has even more stable frametimes than with the tool from AMD if you insist on using AMD you could also try to use enhanced sync which supposedly reduces screen tearing with lower impact on input latency because it disables itself if the framerate cant be maintained ( this might introduce micro stutter tho so be aware of that ) Just out of curiosity , why do you want to use vsync anyways ? vsync introduces massive input latency which is generaly something really bad for FPS games
  9. CashBanooca

    Game freezes dead during the battle

    let me know if you find the cause for this , if you need help troubleshooting the problem ill be happy to assist :)
  10. CashBanooca

    many esp and radar hacks

    This Post : >People talking down a problem that exists in every online game ever >weaksauce ad hominem results because of lack of arguments >writing "Git gud noob" in feeble hope that nobody will cringe so hard they will have a stroke from it >remain talking trash >repeat trolling HG has a normal amount of cheaters , period Not more like BF5 or rust but also not less If you see cheats everywhere there is a real chance that you infact need to improve in the game or are getting dicked over big time by the wonderful RNG mechanics reto has blessed us with On the other hand - If you see absolutely no cheats in game appart from 1-2 every 3 years you either dont want to see them or you are too daft to identify them pick your poison I would still say that ESP and radar hacks are not the most common ones because they are easy to detect , I will however say that there is a moderate ( and increasing) amount of players that tend to utilize mouse macros ( because they are essentialy undetectable) aswell as the invisible wall exploit HG had its fair share of exploits , f.e. we probably all remember that time someone managed to turn off the bushes and leafs in this game , or way back when people managed to disable shadows with the console my point stays , HG is not completely cheater infested but saying that there is are only 3 cheaters per year in this game is equaly as oblivious as saying that everyone who kills me is hacking
  11. CashBanooca

    many esp and radar hacks

    the people that play it down if you only see 5 cheaters in over X years of playing a free to play shooter game you either are not looking for them or dont know how to spot one now I will give you the point that people call hacks way too much in HG especialy ( thanks to the cancerous hitret and RNG headshots behind walls and all that ) I will even gladly admit that HG doesnt have as much cheaters as rust or even battlefield 5 but ... cmon .. the 3-5 cheaters everyone keeps mentioning the entire time is just not realistic for any online FPS , especialy not a free one . Again , Im gonna make a bold claim and say , the people that say that they have only ever seen like 3 hackers are people that mean they only saw 3 very apparent script kiddies going apeshit any less apparent cheating apparently doesnt count in their books and with the recent invisible wall exploits its just very hard to say if someone just prefired that corner or he knew that you are behind it
  12. CashBanooca

    Game freezes dead during the battle

    sounds like maybe your PCs components are running too hot ? could you list your PC parts ? HG is especialy CPU hungry and especialy especialy while flying a plane The reccomended settings HG lists are completely outdated and you need a pretty beefy PC to play the game without problems keep an eye on your PCs temperatures of CPU / GPU Does this happen in other games aswell ? when you re-installed your drivers did you use the "clean install " option or Display Driver Uninstaller ? sometimes old driver artifacts can cause the GPU to crash What you describe sounds like a hardware hang ... did you perhaps change anything in the bios ? for example the RAM timings or overclocked your CPU ? If all of this fails we could risk a look into the windows event viewer to see what is causing the hang but its relatively hard to find if you have never used the event viewer before
  13. CashBanooca

    Why Soviets so OP

    They also have some terrible gear that is barely worth the entrance fee , the nagant revolver comes to mind If modded for damage its not accurate at 10 m anymore , if its modded for accuracy the ttk is over 400 which makes it a unreliable side arm all arround , I would even dare to say that the Tula Tokarev 33 is a straight up upgrade on anything but raw damage per shot Second thing I would probably mention is the maxim tokarev , its theoreticaly not that bad but its pretty unreliable , which is strange since its supposedly a 1919 copy , I would argue tho that the 1919 is a tad easier to use All that the maxim had going for itself was the 100 bullet mag and now that all HMGs have that its incredibly "meh" which is also strange because I would still consider the DP28 better than the maxim aswell as the DT29 when modded Soviets need some reto love truly If I had to summarize the soviet weapons it woul be : when they hit the target , they tend to be ok , sadly a lot of them have such a high sway and recoil that its pretty much a gamble if they do
  14. CashBanooca

    Why Soviets so OP

    I dont think that ARs should outclass almost all other weapons period , they should have their perks and benefits without actively taking away the roles of other guns and thats what they do most of the time , they attack better than SMGs because the caps are huge , they often defend better than LMGs because of the higher mobility and the scopes/ headshots allow them to sometimes even go toe to toe with SA rifles , that makes them unfun in my opinion - even tho ,theoreticaly , the other weapons are a tad better in their respective nieches , its doesnt make it worth it if you can have a weapon that can do everything like the assault rifles , and I think the problem that reto fails to grasp is that a game where only like 1/3 of the weapons are really worth picking is going to get dull no matter what pretty fast Thats entirely my point tho , in a bunch of crapguns the stg hits where it is pointed at , and thats the problem tho , not that the gun hits where its pointed at , thats a good thing , I can wholeheartedly agree on that but it should by no means be the ONLY or amongst the only weapons in this game that shoot straight , hitting a target in an FPS game should never be punished Thats the part where reto disagrees tho , all the randomness , all the cancer sway , random unpredictable recoil , bullet deviation etc etc is unnessecary in order for all weapons to be roughly on the same field they should not be dependant on RNG and the STG is currently one of the only guns that actively benefits from RNG more than its hindered by it if other guns were more reliable - the STG could stay entirely the way it is - knowing reto that would never happen tho because that would be like openly admitting that the whole random sway , random spray , random cone and random BS in this game was a mistake from the get go thats not my reasoning , I dont want the STG to be as shirt as some weapons , in fact , if there were proper alternatives the gun should stay the way it is ( maybe a bit less range on the headshots tho but not too much ) again , entirely my narrative , it shouldnt be punished to aim good , but than again that is a feature that should be avalibe to ALL guns in their respective fields , not 1-3 weapons only , in this sense the gun is OP as in the only gun that is truly working as intended - but instead of nerfing it to shirt levels it should be avalible to all guns in their respective field the game should be fun for everyone , making all weapons miserable should have never been even an option for reto , its just that for some reason , the only weapon that got almost ( and I have to clarify ALMOST) forgotten by this misery parade is the STG and a few select others forum activism leads to absolutely nothing anyways , and im almost 100% sure that Hades doesnt frequent the forums anymore or barely anymore is because its scorched earth This sadly is the EXACT thing that will happen tho if valid complains get ignored long enough , moderate voices become extremist voices if you just ignore them long enough , moderate voices in this case beeing that other weapons should at least be compareably accurate as the STG , those turn into extremist voices that just want people to suffer because again , its not fun to be at a disadvantage and if its like this for long enough , the broth turns sour It should not get the AVS treatment because right now , the AVS is not fun to use most of the time and there are better options for SU its just that reto in usual reto fashion went WAY over the top with nerfing again for a weapon that arguably had good stats because it got used mainly by clannies that know what they are doing , hence why I think the reto way of balancing is a farse anyways , they mainly look at the numbers and have almost no relation on how those play out , the AVS beeing a good example , they just saw that it was overperforming statisticaly and went from a nerf from A-Z with lower RPM , higher recoil , more horizontal deviation etc , one alone would have probably done the trick alone light hearted mockery is something different tho , this thread pretty much went into character assasination within one page , its true that the stg isnt as OP as many people claim , but there is definetly a reason that its getting captured so often and it would be worth investigating why , without the super secret reto stats No game can be run from a purely statistical standpoint because numbers are worthless if you cant put them into relation TL;DR saying that a weapon is OP doesnt have to mean that it HAS to be nerfed , its just what we come to expect because its the usual reto approach , and historicaly speaking they have a pretty abysmal track record of nerfing weapons into the ground ( hello old mg42 ) to pack it into a metaphor that anyone can understand , among the blind , the one eyed is the king , does that mean that we should gouge out the one eyed mans eye ? no , not at all , if there was a chance , you should try to make the blind see instead of punishing the one that sees a bit , that however doesnt mean that the one eyed man in this scenario isnt overpowered , because he is litteraly over the power level of the blind man and as you can imagine a game of spot the difference would probably not be won by the blind man which is frustrating , and as mentioned - frustration leads to toxicity I agree with you on almost all points but to be honest it just fortified my belief that the STG is OP , it shouldnt be nerfed into the ground however , but it should definetly lose its advantage , not by making it worse but by making other weapons better ,preferably not only the assault rifles again because I still belief a game where everyone runs arround with the same 3 weapons is a boring game , and thats where HG is heading fast I hope you dont get offended my view of things , thats not my intention , however I couldnt just say that the STG isnt somehow OP but from an entirely different perspective as most , if anything , other weapons should be as accurate as the STG within their limits As of right now its sadly a state of " you either get lucky with the other RNG cancerweapons OR you pick the STG or to a lesser degree any of the other assault rifles , it shouldnt be that way but in a sense that the other weapons shouldnt be as random and inaccurate as they are compared to the STG
  15. CashBanooca

    Why Soviets so OP

    was about to write my own take on "LOLOLOL SU OP BUFF GE " aswell as the STG in this thread but I simply refuse to go in depth because A. im gonna get flames by the forum gestapo anyways B. The main arguments in the forums right now seem to be ad hominem insults so why even bother As someone who plays all factions I can say : many of those SU OP allegations come from people that play exclusively GE and that exclusively in staged - SU is the only faction in staged that puts up a fight against GE and that angers most of those staged exclusive warriors because they are not there for a fight , they want to farm off noobs in peace As someone who has lost any and all interest in playing FPS battles in war I can partialy relate , most battles on there are just either clan stomps or completely unwinnable situations if you random queue As to the STG , I know I will get a lot of hate for this but its simply unfun to play against the gun , not because its so incredibly OP , but because it can do everything , it can mid range , it can cqc because of the stupid 95% headshot ratio , if you get someone unaware it can even long range because you constantly have to watch out for those absolutely unfun and boring constant insta headshots , that makes the gun extremely unfun to fight against TTK wise its worse than the AVS and I think even the m1m2 but that is just not considering the amount of dumbfired spray and pray headshots at range I would bet , if reto eventualy got arround to fix those cancer headshots where you see a tiny dot on the horizon , shoot once and instantly get a headshot without even beeing able to see the enemy properly there would be far less STG OP people , but we all know that is never going to happen as a little P.S. I think that all assault rifles are extremely unfun to play against , its just that the other options are most of the time so extremely nieche that there really is no point in picking anything other than assault rifles most of the time SMG ? nah assault rifle can cqc and med range Semi rifle ? nah there is a 50-95 % chance that if you spray long enough youll headshot the other guy , after all he cant really aim because he has to hide from the headshots , basicly headshot suppressive fire LMG ? why bother with low mobility and actual sway when you can achieve roughly the same with lots of mobility look at me ... said that I wouldnt go into depth too much and than do it anyways ... anyways , you can all call me a noob now , dig up my game profile and tell me because I dont have a 3.0 KD my voice is moot in this game and that all , have a nice day anyways