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  1. TheHeroRoland.

    New update not cool

    you really think theyll stop at modded captured weapons, theres money to make off of disillusioned US vets get good when where was the poll, you cant just speak on behalf of the community. if reto does a poll and people say they do want it you can speak freely like that.reto just want money it was fair, just with different playstyles, and people who claim to snipe perfectly at 300m decide to play an aggressive based playstyle such as the US they made the update to make money not to please players, it has ruined the unique faction idea of the game. the initial developers wouldnt be proud of what this cashgrab has become like mentioned in the post above they removed map designers because they couldnt listen to the playerbase circa2016, losing dedicated players and effectively dooming the massive potential this game had. reto good job on trying to make more money, well done for disuading other players from trying other factions to get more hours and be more likely to spend money in the game >real content hahahahahaha thatlll be never, next update will be captured vehicles at that point, theyll be shooting the dead corpse of the game
  2. TheHeroRoland.

    immersion update???

    wow so immersive its almost as if reto is just trolling calling it an immersion update
  3. luftwaffe camo germans running around with m1m2?????? russian 1980's chechen war camo with m1 garand an m1m2 that never came to europe until after the second world war games literally turned into free battlefield
  4. probably the best post this entire thread
  5. i hope youre trolling because otherwise you are one of the reasons this game will die heroroland is much better than everyone i can assure you
  6. no people are afraid of the games uniqueness being ruined and just turned into free battlefield plebs will be plebs im sorry but no matter what weapon they pick up they will still ultimately suck the stg is not an automatic skill crutch it wasnt completely ruined because they werent moddable keep thinking this delusional way, there are many better ways for reto to make money
  7. its called we do a little trolling, its called we do a little trolling
  8. ok lol sure the stg isnt the all rounder you say it is but ok if you say so so you dont understand sarcasm
  9. go play on ur native regions idc, its the fact that american players are generally really really bad, and i know from first hand experience i was comparing your wish for an all round boring weapon which means you dont have to play with skill to my wish to have a 1000rpm smg such as ppsh41 both wont and shouldnt happen yes i am angry because someone has named their stg "best gun in the game"
  10. i bet theyre seething i really do you are the sole reason people leave this game and they get really angry over it
  11. ohhhhhhhhhhh your 332nd everything makes sense now keep stacking on us pleb servers
  12. and id like a 1000 rpm smg for ge faction too drive/flank drive/flank game would lose uniqueness and seeing as veterans such as ding and even matziti are saying its a bad idea, idk man, you seem kinda out of touch with the community side and only see it as good as it will benefit you directly
  13. its a get good issue i am an mp40 main with over 3000hours in the game still dont have problems with the mp40, if you love the stg so much just play ge if its such a skill crutch pushing d4 is a pain anyway even with stg personally smgs are best gun because if your shooting people at range your probably not on the point which also means your completely useless to the team
  14. johnson m1919 bar m1 garand