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  1. I know a lot of people will say now "not again". The biggest Problem of the game is the decreasing attractivness for new Players. There are many reasons for this, such as the limited number of (large) maps... too old user interface... and many more. But i would try to make the game more attractive for veterans first in order to save the game in the long term and to get previous players back into the game. The first step, especially to keep the veterans in the game, would be to introduce an app with which you can move your troops via smartphone. I know the was an app some time ago, but i am talking about an not buggy and shirt app. With this app you ensure more dynamic wars, because many generals can move their troops in the go or at work. This gives the game a much higher role in everyday life and binds the players more to the game. The secound step would be to introduce a reasonable clan system. This means clantags, ranks within the clan and a clan overview in which the clans can introduce themselves and present contact options. There should be a weekly clan ranking, which schould be based on the total and average accumulated EXP of the members in order to highlight paticulary active clans. The Member Limit should be set to about 50 to avoid monopolies. The last step is based on the clan system, in which members can share their already spawned troops for higher-ranking or equal members if they want to. So if a normal member release his troops for an officer, bothe can move these troops until the normal member removes this permition. All of these steps lead to more dynamic and strategic wars. And through wars like this and the incentive to be able to move troops on the smartphone, new players can be won. New players bring more income and more income means better development. I look forward to further opinions and constructive criticism Your lovely noname Barzul53