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  1. Hope reto staff actually takes a look at it .
  2. TheGreatSalamander


    You could introduce weapons and vecichles from different countries (england,italy,e.x.) For example US players can buy weapons like the ''sten''(britiish) GE players can buy the italian"Beretta Model 38" SU the chinese "Erma EMP" or the "SIG M1920"(generally more weapons from diffent countrys ) Additionally you could introduce maps from different fronts e.x. Crete(Greece)/ Normady/Some maps inspired by the African campaign and even 1 or 2 exclusive snow maps (or just make it so each time we with in Russia and other snowy country's their's a 20% that the map will be snowy).
  3. Come on it is a snowball just learn to use the mouse wheel and you will be fine.