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  1. Clinician

    Sleep my little Prince...

    It's tomorrow guys, say your godbyes, and let's hop into that cesspool also known as H&G Discord. ⚰️
  2. Clinician

    <LSP> Clan Recruit Members

    "Last Super Players"? Oh my god, please let us touch your cape!
  3. Clinician


    This ain't gonna work, even if this petition gets signed by EVERY single account existing in this game. Do you really think they care about their customers?
  4. Clinician

    reto plz read this

    It's not. Keeping old "gun sounds" is not good idea either.
  5. Clinician

    Sleep my little Prince...

    Nah, too modern for me.
  6. Clinician

    reto plz read this

    What do you mean? Swapping some files is beyond their abilities?
  7. Clinician

    The End is Here

    Everything's gonna be fine... Right? RIGHT?! PLEASE TELL EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE FINE!
  8. Clinician

    Sleep my little Prince...

    I'm suprised as well. Can't they see how toxic i am in this thread? *and that Afonso mention, UGH!
  9. Clinician

    Sleep my little Prince...

    So, you guys have any last words before Reto finally... Lowers the coffin? (Also, do not forget about to make copies of Afonso's cartoons, they're pretty neat in my opinion.)
  10. Clinician

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Damn, just as i started to get comfy around here...
  11. Clinician

    The Team Player

  12. Clinician

    Hard limit on specialist

    How about allowing using Tanks/Planes/Recce only for Armor/Fighter/Recce squads?
  13. Clinician

    Hard limit on specialist

    On staged: sure, why not? On war: I don't think so.
  14. Disarming mines with your wrench, so we won't have to shoot at them and possibly reveal our position. Not a big deal i guess?
  15. Clinician

    Knife and Shovel Camos

    Were there any Knife and shovel camos back in WW2?