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  1. eldiablotux

    Game suggestions and feedback

    Dont forget genderqueer too....
  2. eldiablotux

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    Yeah Reto make sh*t AA guns so they make sh*t ptrs guns ...their sh*t way to balance the game Same way for tanks vs AT rambo...make a bigger dung to cover their old one dung code
  3. Playing GE tankist without Zimmerit and be killed by H3 gived to everybody is a pleasure Thks Reto genious team
  4. eldiablotux

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Like US tankers for example ?😁
  5. eldiablotux

    Message from Reto

    Every time i delete the message from my box he come back ...
  6. eldiablotux

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    Works for everything without for what its has be designed at WW2 Reto style in fact....
  7. eldiablotux

    Where is Hades?

    Who is enough stupid to give money to guys which have never be enabled to code a clan system + voice chat in a war game ?? Reto has choose to have his own engine game we see the result with his bugged maps
  8. eldiablotux

    German weapons as US faction.

  9. eldiablotux

    Changing deploy time of AT guns

    If you allow and help ppl to do anything... they do anything Right No ribbon no money no help
  10. eldiablotux

    Changing deploy time of AT guns

    lol True 20players=20 AT rambo possible Lol Yeah we surely create tanks to give more work to soldiers You know there is AT grenade and your loved panzer crate in tank v tank. ? There is also a truck So there is AT rambo in tank v tank mode
  11. eldiablotux

    Bipods for Snipers!!

    No Somes battles are lost cause some play for k/d only! They hunt and no cap in infantery They camp in respawn ennemy The same ones that drop planes/waste tanks ...
  12. eldiablotux

    Bipods for Snipers!!

    On one hand snipers should have the possibility to put their guns on a wall a crate or other to gain stability (But infantery should too so ?) On the other hand i think snipers should not have THE SAME bipod than the heavy MG A little one with less spots than MG
  13. eldiablotux

    1 point more for AT grenade

    The fact that destroy tanks in priority isnt the pb HE in respawn are a map design pb AT weapons overpowered is a gift of RETO to inf who complain to cant win at 1vs 10 again tankers More easy to give this AT weapons overpowered than make realistic maps Lol skinflint AT>h3+rpg43+panzerlang 26S Panzer E+HE+APCR 1MIN50 1 min is enormous in this game! And its the minimum... You have time to cap a point alone You have time to run to tank respawn two times You have time to pee ,take a free panzer on the road and run to respawn 1 min on batlles than less 10min.... So RETO should go at he end of logic and give free crates for everything.. Why AT are the only one sto have free weapons ? And red spotting system ? Thks RETO to give to every one spotting EXACT postion like a f** GPS ! Tankers spot also inf with red arrow but we have a radio in vehicules Push your ideas Strangely you are someone who critiquise a lot subjects of others BUT NOT OFTEN OPEN A SUBJECT themselve to suggest ideas When you see my shell go through the wall or the wooden crate behind which you can hide When you see my tank cross the house where you can hide like butter When you see my tank spit bullets all around When you see my tank crush the barbed wire instead of sticking to gravel >>you will can have infinte free rockets.... I think you won't say anymore "Thks reto for free XP" ...but "My god help us..Tigers coming" but we all know its not with a game which make byclicles flying that there is a luck its come one day...