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  1. eldiablotux

    remove AT from tankers

    Lets resume the situation we are in tanks mode tankers spent their time to kills bots FULL SKILL run with a truck /rpg to spot and kill you FULL SKILL spoting in foot or truck so WIHOUT radio FULL REALISM shirt IA retards unable to aim FULL REALISM US/SU have speed avantage on this pocket map FULL REALISM 3 houses to do a town Really good job RETO
  2. eldiablotux

    remove AT from tankers

    tankers:We want a map tanks vs tanks. we are tired of AT rambo kamikazes reto:ok.. [10 s laters reto give h3 to everybody and place panzerschek in map ] tankers : IQ reto ? reto:i dont understand what is the pb ......
  3. eldiablotux

    Ubuntu/Linux mit oder ohne Proton

  4. eldiablotux

    Game suggestions and feedback

    Dont forget genderqueer too....
  5. eldiablotux

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    Yeah Reto make sh*t AA guns so they make sh*t ptrs guns ...their sh*t way to balance the game Same way for tanks vs AT rambo...make a bigger dung to cover their old one dung code
  6. Playing GE tankist without Zimmerit and be killed by H3 gived to everybody is a pleasure Thks Reto genious team
  7. eldiablotux

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Like US tankers for example ?😁
  8. eldiablotux

    Message from Reto

    Every time i delete the message from my box he come back ...
  9. eldiablotux

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    Works for everything without for what its has be designed at WW2 Reto style in fact....
  10. eldiablotux

    Where is Hades?

    Who is enough stupid to give money to guys which have never be enabled to code a clan system + voice chat in a war game ?? Reto has choose to have his own engine game we see the result with his bugged maps
  11. eldiablotux

    German weapons as US faction.

  12. eldiablotux

    Changing deploy time of AT guns

    If you allow and help ppl to do anything... they do anything Right No ribbon no money no help
  13. eldiablotux

    Changing deploy time of AT guns

    lol True 20players=20 AT rambo possible Lol Yeah we surely create tanks to give more work to soldiers You know there is AT grenade and your loved panzer crate in tank v tank. ? There is also a truck So there is AT rambo in tank v tank mode