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    Tank sights on Panzer 4 are shooting off-center and high

    It is a fix but at temporary one at that, thank you. The sights continuously default to 400 meters every time a new tank is spawned. The issue still remains that the sights had been auto-adjusted several big updates ago with neither rhyme nor reason and it only exists on the Panzer 4. Every other tank I try out do not default to such a high elevation.
  2. This has been an on-going issue for months now. The main gun on the Panzer 4 does not fire at the center of the targeting reticle. Instead, it shoots high and well-above where the user is aiming.
  3. Snow_Sheltie

    Hail to the King,

    For those who remember the granddaddy of them all....
  4. Snow_Sheltie

    buff german pls

    German equipment for the most part is good. I don't know what your problem is, you don't try to explain anything. -The AT (mainly the Granat-39) will do as much work as the bazooka (and more accurate at range because it has actual sights and a bipod). I just don't get GE's general phobia of AT weapons. -Light tanks suck but are serviceable and other tanks are good. -I can't call any of the GE small arms to be underpowered or suck. -And I don't know (I don't think I want to know) why you think the kubelwagen is bad. I only got two complaints for the GE faction; -Why the hell are all the iron sights on every vehicle mounted MG so broken? You must look 1 cm above the sight picture itself in order to hit something and not be shooting a foot above the target's head. It's more accurate to "hip-fire" than attempt to peer down the sorry excuse for "sights". Don't tell me it's supposed to be that way since the infantry versions of the exact same bloody MG has properly aligned sights. -Why do GE aircraft have such pitiful bomb loads?
  5. Well, I’ll admit this is a new one. No, this game doesn’t have a ‘sense of danger’ as you define it and the TTK doesn’t have anything to do with this sense of danger. The danger in the games you mentioned arises from a lack of close spawn points and a lengthy ‘downtime’ between engagements, not because of a low TTK. Basically, the punishment for dying is high because if you die, you often have to travel a good distance to get back to your last position, and with the ability (in Squad) to be revived by a friendly, it fosters teamwork further because by sticking together, you stay in the fight longer. The old Delta Force games by Novalogic had a low TTK where 1-2 bullets from virtually any gun will kill someone. People in the multiplayer were far from cautious and the general play-style was more akin to an arcadish-style combat like what you may see in a Halo or old school Team Fortress game. The punishment for dying is much lower because a player can quickly get back into the fray. H&G doesn’t have a sense of danger. H&G has a sense of urgency. This, created by the combination of the game mechanics I mentioned in the OP, is what makes the gameplay so fast and intense. In that type of environment, fast communication is vital, hence why I believe a voice chat system would benefit the game. And here we go again with the worst-case doomsday scenario routine again. Once again (I should keep score of how many times this must be repeated) Options: Voice: Disable Voice: Done! The only reason idiots spam stupid things in voice chat on ANY game is to get a reaction. As I told someone in a TF2 game who was complaining that the rest of us weren’t doing anything about some jackwagon screeching out racist remarks in chat “We know what he’s saying is racist, it’s just that We Don’t Care!” Quite frankly I find voice spammers to be hilarious to troll, and there’s always the mute voice or mute all option if I just want a quiet match. Anything at this point is better than the silent picture we got going. Voice chat would be easier to implement than getting voice actors to create a full set of voice commands.
  6. In all my years of gaming, I can't recall anyone being so vehemently opposed to voice chat. You're definitely striking off as the type of character with a rather snobby attitude towards anything you don't personally like. 1-2. I cannot recall a single game I have played where a major, minor, or any source of lag was the loving voice chat. Unless you're going to claim this (and show me proof/links to devs in some game claiming so) you're pulling smoke out of your posterior. 3-5, 7. Maybe you'd like to start posting and advocating for people to join clans or how about some actual in-game support for them? It's very uncommon to see them trying to recruit or find talent in-game. You also have absolutely no imagination on using voice chat to find new recruits for clans by seeing who's really showing potential to be a team player. 6. I believe its the attitude we're comparing here. Your opposing to voice chat is on par with the rabid infantry-only/AT Rambo players who say that tanks have no part in this game and should be deleted because, well, reasons. Off-topic rant, never liked calling groups in fps games 'clans'. Sounds as much sense as a hippo in the arctic. Why not call then somethin' like 'divisions'? I'll give Sony credit for calling them 'outfits' for Planetside 2.
  7. Snow_Sheltie

    P-51 Mustang Buff

    Everyone talking about the T3 fighters. Nobody talking about how they are all so overpowering to the T2 fighters that they can literally fly circles around them. How about a nerf to all the T3 fighters or a buff to the T2s so they stand a ghost of a chance? Nice job with that insult and all. I can see your M.I.T. education really pays for itself.
  8. If Reto doesn't try to invest to make their product more appealing, it's only going to keep crawling downhill.
  9. You keep jumping around and ignoring this nifty little option in the voice chat for every game worth its salt and whose devs have half a brain called "Disable voice". I've done that in other games from time to time to enjoy a quiet match or night. How is the three seconds spent loading up the game, entering options and disabling all voice chat going to affect your ability to enjoy the game? You'd still be playing the game like it is in its current state. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm starting to get the feeling your only experience of voice chat has been of the Xbox Live type, of the COD-type games and haven't played teamwork-intensive games such as Squad, Arma, Planetside, etc. Voice chat causing more latency issues. Not sure how that's possible with how well matchmaking is. Unless you're going to explain to me on a technical level exactly how this will cause a notable issue? I'd like to know. Also, take a peek at the voice network Sony originally designed for Planetside 2. From my understanding it ran on its own server because there were plenty of times when voice chat was broken but the game itself ran fine or the game was lagging to hell yet I could hear the platoon chat in real time with no issues. Was annoying at times but it didn't interrupt gameplay itself.
  10. Oooh boy, where to begin. Let's begin with a basic reminder that COD isn't the only FPS game out there. I've never been a fan of that series. I think the singleplayer's boring as hell since it runs on a rail and there's no room for interesting or unorthodox gameplay and the multiplayer has no interest to me either. Instead, I played other fps games like Halo, Team Fortress, Planetside, Arma, Squad, and others. I can sum up trolls in fps games in three words. Get over it. They've been around since the idea of multiplayer games. It doesn't matter it they can talk or not, they're gonna grief anyways. Clearly none of the forum warriors have ever heard of the oh-so-useful thing called the disable voice" option that's been in fps games that were released two decades ago. This option disables voice chat entirely so you play the game as if voice chat doesn't exist. It isn't new nor should it be difficult to implement. The language barrier is the only thing that would be problematic, and even then the fight would just go silent again like it always. Please explain to me how the ability to talk to fellow teammates will not contribute to better teamwork. I have already made my point in the OP that it contributes by allowing a faster relaying of crucial information while letting the player continue to fight uninterrupted. There's no break in the pace of the game like you get when you have to hide behind cover to type out an alert.
  11. Gentlemen, I believe one of the greatest detriment to this game is the complete lack of any type of ingame voice communication (or any type of voice commands). The main issue is that the tools currently present to enable players to communicate together, text chat, is insufficient to allow players to cooperate in an effective manner. It is also a missing tool as a potential community-builder, both for more causal 1-2 battle-a-day players and for any groups seeking new players to join them in combat. I believe H&G would benefit tremendously from the implementation of an in-game voip system or some basic voice commands. When it comes to in-game communication, the current issue with H&G is the speed of battles and the lack of an ability to quickly and consistently relay important information to fellow teammates. There are a number of factors that contribute to H&G’s rapid flow of battle. There is a very low TTK (time to kill) associated with most of the weapons. The ability to sprint indefinitely allows players to move rapidly on foot from point to point. The ability to spawn jeeps and motorcycles with little or no cool-down and the ability for passengers to spawn in said vehicles further increases troop mobility. The fast capture time for control points yet further increases the pace of the game. The ability to deploy mobile spawn points (trucks + APCs) This combination can create frantic battles that move with such a pace that text chat is often outdated by the time they are typed and received by other teammates. A player can also be put in a situation where they are unable to type a message without getting killed or risking getting killed. These are scenarios such as a player defending a point trying to alert teammates to the number of hostiles on point, an infantryman trying to alert a player of an incoming AT Rambo (while shooting or moving to intercept said Rambo at the same time,) coordinating paratroop drops, alerts of a friendly apc under attack or in imminent threat of an attack, and other such situations where text chat alone is insufficient to relay information in a timely manner. The biggest improvement a voip system would do to H&G is give random players a fighting chance against organized groups, particularly in War Mode. An in-game voice communication channel would help with players communicate at the same speed as the gameplay itself, allowing for quick, timely passing of information so that players can react better to changing situations. I believe it would be best to implement a voip system that is team-only, the same way that text chat is currently set up. It should also allow players to mute individual players in-game or disable voice chat altogether in the options menu. TL:DR Game is fast-paced Text chat alone is too slow Voice chat is a necessary tool to improve quality of life for all players I’m surprised voice chat doesn’t exist at all.
  12. War mode feels like a 24/7 2fort server. Exact same war pattern happens every time.
  13. Snow_Sheltie

    Let's make it done with MG42

    We have quite open maps that allow flanking, do we not? We have grenades of all sorts, bazookas, flamethrowers, tanks, planes, minefields, and other such fun things. This isn't some game like Day of Defeat where there are clearly defined chokepoints and lanes throughout the map where a single, competent MG can single-handedly turn over half the map (or on some rare cases, the entire map) into a no-man's land. Its hard to recall how many times I've seen anyone actually using the bipod on the M1919 or the MG42 because it's such an exceedingly rare event. Why would you need to? The guns have just enough accuracy that the run and gun method you'd think would be dominated by SMGs and assault rifles applies to them as well. Besides, when the TTK is so low that you only need to aim in the vague general direction of the enemy you want to go away in, say, the tight quarters of a building, plus the high ammo capacity, the incentive to use a different gun drops significantly.
  14. Snow_Sheltie

    Let's make it done with MG42

    Has anyone ever considered re-working the heavy machineguns so they can only be fired with the bipod deployed?
  15. I believe and have for a while that better (and more importantly, faster) communication is the key to resolving so many issues I see in the everlasting struggle of tank vs anti-tank. Typing out messages is a means of communication. It is far from an effective means of communication. I still believe that in-game voice chat is vital for a game like this if your goal is to promote teamwork as it would give a random group of people the chance to at least make some rudimentary level of coordination and quickly share information on enemy troop movements, especially when seconds count and that 2 seconds you spend trying to type out a message gets you killed.