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  1. In a building it often doesn't matter much; on maps like a fortress, a machine-gunner runs and mows down all living things on a level other infantrymen. ...just like any other infantryman's weapon. That is the problem. And, in fact, the ads time is completely unnoticed, unless, of course, you are a noob who gets killed all the time. In general, let the developers decide. I hope they read something here.
  2. The big problem is that the machine-gunner is no different in capabilities from a stormtrooper and replaces the whole crew. Logically, if the machine-gunner is completely alone, then he should at least move more slowly. The machine-gun crew always had spare barrels and ammo with them, which made it a non-mobile combat unit. If the in H&G a machine-gun crew = one person, let him be at least somewhat different from a ordinary stormtrooper. Also this is an excellent ground for a revision of the machine-gun nerf policy.
  3. What about taking off the run for the machinegunners? When you see a red army man, as if running like a marathoner with a Maxim-machinegun, it becomes funny and sad. All stormtroopers - machinegunners and submachinegunners - have all the loadout slots occupied, but it is obvious that this is more difficult for the machine gunner than for the rest due to the weight of the machine gun and ammo. Maybe instead of all the nerfs of good machineguns, just remove the ability to run for their owners? Sorry if topic like this already exists.
  4. Многие сюда и правда попадают с гугла (как и я), когда пытаются найти что-то по хиге, но не в помощи ли людям изначальная суть гайдов, так что какая разница? К тому же, думаю, многим олдовым игрокам, которые давненько не играли и решили снова сыграть, тоже будет интересно, что изменили/добавили и как с этим работать. Если ещё осталась альтруистическая жилка - пишите)