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    Hoarder Badge not working in specific config

    They just changed the classification of the M2 Carbine to be "Assault weapon". Wouldn't that make it a different class of weapon from a "bolt-action rifle"? I wish they would fix this!!!
  2. Artystar

    Hoarder Badge not working in specific config As you can see from the game shot, 000 rounds. Agree with Curlybillbrocious - this worked in Bronze and Silver but stopped working when I got Hoarder Gold.
  3. Artystar

    Hoarder Badge not working in specific config

    I'm not sure I understand this comment. Hoarder only affects one weapon, not two. When I have two rifles, NEITHER one gets a bonus. The rule of Hoarder not working when having two rifles seems arbitrary, but I guess they can make up whatever rules they want. This used to work, so I'm not sure why they felt the need to make this "enhancement". Actually...I get ZERO extra clips. Even if you don't have Hoarder, if you still get 30 rounds in the rifle. I should get 3 extra clips because it is Gold, and I get none. Anyway, thanks guys. It just seems like an arbitrary rule to punish your configuration when you have two rifles, but I guess that's the way it is. I'll chalk it up to one more thing about this game that annoys me.
  4. I have a US infantryman set up with two weapons - an M1/M2 with ZERO pouches in slot one and a 1905 in slot 2 with one pouch (45 rounds) I have equipped him with Hoarder and Nimble for badges The problem is, I do NOT get the extra clips for my primary weapon. I show up with 30 (in the gun) and 000 extra If I swap out the 1905 for an M1G with one pouch, then I get 30 in the gun and 90 rounds in my pocket (gold Hoarder). Why? This is so frustrating. I have screen shots demonstrating all this, but I can't attach them....
  5. Artystar

    Make tanks feel heavier.

    I couldn't agree more. I saw a light US tank and a jeep collide and the tank flipped over. C'mon. The number of times a tank, even a heavy, gets high centered on a rock is just ridiculous. That never happens in real life and it is so frustrating that you have to abandon a healthy tank simply because it can't move. Tanks get stuck in crevices, off of curbs, all sorts of places. Ugh. That is the worst part of the game. PLEASE fix this.