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  1. teosniper77

    tank VS rocks on the ground

    On which map is this?
  2. teosniper77

    gta in your h&g

    Yeah, I've only seen reto.christiano couple of days ago here, last time before I saw reto.hades in september
  3. teosniper77

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Nah, the captured vehicles would never happen, that would be such a shitshow of a game What captured guns you got?
  4. teosniper77

    So what's changed on the forums?

    So loving sad... 😥😪😪
  5. teosniper77


  6. Eh, that would kinda ruin it for me. I think that adding them only for Soviets would make them more special, since it is believable and still immersive.
  7. Would you want every faction to have it as an option or?
  8. Oh yeah, post it if you can, I am interested
  9. Soviet recons and pilots would work, for US we could only get the French resistance and for Germans Volkssturm
  10. teosniper77

    Easter eggs on maps?

    Nonetheless, it was a nice read, the things that you posted now hahaha. And about that old house on First blood mission, is that supposed to be the spawnpoint on Luneville map or?
  11. teosniper77

    Can't Decide on Tanker Uniform

    Damn, when I heard that they updated tank uniforms I rushed to my tanker in excitement only to see those 2 US uniforms that are basically loving the SAME! Ok, the bright one vs the darker one, yeah, but they are so lame!
  12. teosniper77

    Unobtainable Skins

    Do you still play this game?
  13. teosniper77

    Can't Decide on Tanker Uniform

    Sadly they never used it, but it looks kinda cool
  14. teosniper77

    Matchmaking problem

    This is an old topic from 2017, I am not sure if someone would have seen this hahaha. By now, were you able to play the game?