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  1. hey, I recently started playing the us in war and i was wondering if anyone has good loadouts for infrantry soldiers. I currently have a objective soldier with a tommy nades and a medic pack. and my second soldier is a at with the M1G and a bazooka, Im mostly looking for a soldier that can defend a bridge or river crossing with mines but i dont know what weapon will pair with that. thanks already!
  2. ol32204

    Looking for good soldier loadouts.

    i spend the last weeks leveling up my soldiers, the most work was the new mid guy. to unlock the m1/m2 and im almost there but when i was looking at the stats the m1918 seems like a better m1/m2. the fire rate and damage are close to equal and the m1918 had way better recoil. is there something im overlooking or should i buy the m1918 instead of the m1/2?
  3. ol32204

    Looking for good soldier loadouts.

    thx guys, i think im gonna make a SA long-mid guy + mines+ medkit