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  1. True, however VC is quite the opposite of appealing... now new maps on the other hand? That'd make me buy something.

    Zones on map

    Oh, I thought this would be about the bad zone limits, like C4 on town, O1 on factory, or B1 on town. But yes, It would probably be nice for a smoother grind, for new players that is.
  3. US: Wouldn't use often, would be for calling the generals bad names for 0 resources. SU: Wouldn't use it at all, only people who would actually use it are the 3 Spanish vets, (who are quite good at this game) GE: *50 shades of grey, but with racists* That's what I imagine....
  4. 1). Yes, however you're more likely to understand a foreign player in chat, rather than in a VC. How is it not a compelling argument against voice chat? Sure, you already have it on the chat box, but it'll be 100x times worse in a VC, some folks in the game don't know how to speak English, but they do know some words... so a VC would be completely useless to them. 2). Would they though? Wouldn't it be annoying having to mute specific people in the chat, especially when you're actively playing the game? If RETO was to add a VC team system, i'm sure you'd find it's bugs and non features. 3). Yes. That's obvious, I've played war you know. 4). I'd argue that it is true, clans typically would be benefit from a VC being added... why? Because they don't always have a match overflowing with clan members, meaning that they'll have 2 or 3 randoms on their team. Compare that to a match FILLED with random people, from random places, and random connections... So, while the clan gets a VC that reduces lag (via not running DISC or TS) the random team gets nothing... incredible idea of yours. 5). I wouldn't find it enjoyable, either A): Shuffle through trolls, muting whoever is toxic enough to vibrate the room with their stupid voice mods, trying for people who actually want to play this game, but don't bother because of the toxic trolls/c*nts who roam the VC room... or B): Forget all of that, and type "APC on A4" like a normal, healthy human being. Look, you're expecting a VC to make Randoms have a better chance of winning against clans, when back to reality... it won't. All it will be, is a empty channel with a few 12 year old's screaming "N-WORD" this, "N-WORD" that. So, in the end, clans get better game performance, Randoms get something to ignore completely. I'd support Squad VC, however that doesn't seem very effective considering that most squads are randoms, and the folks who DO pair up in war, often have Disc/TS set up.

    bias 100% confirmed

    Would support recoil/reload buffs to AVS, other than that? Tanks need balancing, you guys have the worst tanks (AT view) but... most of everything on the SU faction is balanced, DP28 was pretty good for a while.

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    K. I've done enough explaining for this one, adios!

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    That's pretty dang accurate if I do say so myself, your shot was only 80 degrees above where you had been aiming... I'd like you to notice something, it isn't that the PTRD isn't accurate, it's the sights... You notice how the sights aren't mounted DIRECTLY on the gun? Instead, it attaches on the right side... meaning that where you aim, won't be where you hit (exactly) you'll be pretty accurate considering the size of bike engines and car grille... so that's your problem, you aren't aiming properly Note; at 120 meters, you have to adjust a little bit for elevation, meaning that you'll have to aim a bit higher... not an accuracy problem.

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    The round DO go where you aim, it's just that you don't need a sniper accurate AT rifle because that's not what it's meant for. You're asking for the AT rifle to act like a sniper, when back to reality, it's an AT rifle...
  9. You want COD? Play COD. Carbine, MG42, PPSH already have good enough TTK numbers, we don't need them to kill in 0.0001 seconds thank you. Not to mention how voice chat wouldn't really be a good idea, Soviets don't talk enough in chat, now you're asking them to talk in a voice channel? big no go. People complain enough about this game being too fast, clans are the big problem in that argument, so you're just giving them a big buff with said suggestions. Voice chat is a bad idea, you're not incorporating multiple factors like Language barriers, trolls, would this actually contribute to better teamwork?, how many people would use it?, does it really make the game faster?, is making the game faster a good idea?, etc. You already a chat box with Leaderboard NitroType figures on them, not to mention how you don't really have a lot of things to call out except "APC on A4" or "O1! O1! O1!" or "This team is bucking garbage" etc. Now, folks HAVE been talking about voice callouts recently, for example you could do: V -> 1: "Enemy Over there!" / "Feind da drüben!" / "Враг вон там!" then it marks the location where your gun is pointing at, like squad marker. V -> 2: "I need a medic!" / "Ich brauche einen Sanitäter!" / "Мне нужен медик!" afterwards, marks the player who said that. V -> 3: "Vehicle Spotted!" / "Fahrzeug entdeckt" / "заметил транспортное средство" spots the vehicle. Point and case: No, it doesn't need VC.
  10. NJCQEC

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    while we're at it, give it a 16x scope, just for accuracy on hitting those tanks... Oh! not to mention how we should be able to add sniper springs on it, that'd make it in the decent ballpark. "the following message is not endorsed by any candidate, any or all content is satirical for comedic purposes."
  11. I would love to see the FG42 (for infantry) have mods, I'd also support the weapon being a little more easier to unlock... that thing is a good grind, especially if you don't have friends.
  12. NJCQEC

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    *Cough* *Cough* "MG42 & PPSH" *Cough*
  13. NJCQEC

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    I'm not being Ironic when it comes to stats. anywho, M2 still sucks as an AR in my opinion...
  14. NJCQEC

    British Contingency

    have you not played the game?
  15. NJCQEC

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    That's cool, just properly read my comments before you argue against them.