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    AT Weapons vs. Tank Combat

    Realistically, AT would be doing MUCH more damage.
  2. Exchange would be wrong, deletion of forums would be correct. They've had Discord and Forums running at the same time, no issue, with different purposes.
  3. Alright. So, I'm not 100% sure on this one but I'll try. I BELIEVE that once you upgrade a soldier with a captured weapon to general, the captured weapon goes back to it's original faction... losing about 4x it's value and 90% of your time. Sucks, I think?

    Sleep my little Prince...

    I might just stick with enlisted from now on. Sure, enlisted kinda sucks and all. however, I know that enlisted has the capability to improve itself, compared to H&G which... hasn't done so in frequent manners, and somehow makes itself worse after every update. Oh well. I love H&G, but I don't see it going anywhere but the grave in the next few months/years.

    Why such tanker abuse?

    Why Such Infantry abuse?


    Why mortars, are a bad idea By Snow_Miser Have you ever wondered why mortars aren't in this game? Or why the Developers haven't even brought up the idea? well listen here children, papa slice has a real nice talking point about why mortars are a bad idea. Today we'll list how mortars could be added into the game, and why listed method of addition would be cancerous. A). It's non-mobile item, therefore, making it almost the exact same as the AA except well... it's a mortar. In that case it's not very useful of an item due to 1. Vehicles targets are always on the move, you also have planes doing bombing dives making it a easy target (just like the AA) 2. Most maps are forest maps, making it hard to determine your target's location. While yes, you could bomb capture points, it won't be to much effect due to infantry easily being able to find cover. Those 2 factors right there limit it to being an anti camping tank item, instead of an anti infantry item. B). It's a mobile item that can be bought and carried by a soldier. This option makes it so you can carry it around and shoot, instead of having to seek out and use the Sentry version. so I'll start off with cons. 1. To deploy said mortar on the ground, you would typically be forced to seek out a flat space to deploy your mortar. with most maps in the game right now, don't have much covered flat spaces. That can be a huge draw back because it'll most likely take you time to deployed and undeployed said mortar, giving enough time to an enemy to kill you. 2. It will be a buggy mess 100%. If your able to place a mortar anywhere, then well... it's not gonna end well. We also have to talk about the range, a mortar can't shoot anything too close to it (as you may well know) making it harder for infantry to use. So, what have we learned children? Are Mortars a good idea? no. Will they ever be a good idea? no. Good job children, now class is almost dismissed. But really, If by god they did add this, it would most likely be option A rather then B due to A being a lot more stable to release then B, and not needing updates constantly.

    Goodbye forum warriors

    The point of forums is dead, but the forums itself won't go. They've just officially announced that they haven't gave a sh*t about forums.
  8. Solution: Don't spawn tanks.

    Petition for debuffing the Fw190

    Petition for all planes to be nerfed into a non-existant state say "aye"
  10. Also known as a tank. People have already been discussing removing AT from tankers, I want 0 changes to AT as it is.
  11. After driving an APC, it's nice to have the cover... but a pain to get to the positions as well.
  12. NJCQEC

    Add new faction

    No. I could think of 1,000 other features that this game needs to work on, performance, balance, game modes, maps, etc. Adding a new faction would be like pumping steroids into a skeleton. Also, RETO probably doesn't even have the capability to add a new faction.
  13. That'd be cool and all, but unfortunately RETO does not have anybody to make the maps in the first place... Such a Shame? Right?
  14. That's because they ARE really in some situations. Let's get the situation down here, you're a HE spammer pilot going at the speed of light whenever he likes, AA's aren't going to stop you... why? Because they're pretty much sh*t for anything besides recon planes. Sure, a GE AA is going to rip through with a few well placed shots, but for SU and US? not-so-much. If Plane hunters miss their shots, it's going to come back on them. Every. single. anti-tank. rifle. drops. I'm serious, looking at the damage stats, all of them start dropping at around 250 meters... with PTRS dropping at 180. Let's also mention how it's a drop in Armor Penetration as well, going from 27-45mm to 2.7-4.5 in the ranges of 180 to 540. Maybe that's your problem, you're making slower maneuvers while being shot at. Turning (even at a high speed) will drop you down.
  15. Nearly 2 months since last post, not cool man.