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    Shooting Bots

    I'm beginning to think that this issue is more server related as this doesn't occur in any other game (with bots and players in the same lobby) other than HnG.

    Upgradeable M26 (to Super Pershing) and a side note

    Seeing how competent the Super Pershing is as an existing tank in WT against the Tiger 2, I thought it would be a great addition to HnG to balance the performance between the two tanks for gameplay's sake. But I do agree, a lot of good requests rarely happen

    Gun sounds

    I was wondering if (like Battlefield) you could change the sound types to your preference in the menu? Between the current gun sounds that are being improved and more realistic sounding weapons? As a separate suggestion, I'd love to hear more bass and echoes from the heavier weapons and explosions.
  4. Hope y'all doing fantastic. After using the M26 Pershing for some time, I have come to realise it is far inferior to the Tiger 2. To further bridge this gap, I would like to suggest that the M26 Pershing could have an unlockable armour upgrade to make it the Super Pershing. This upgrade could be expensive (XP and credits wise) to make it less attainable whilst giving the M26 a better possible chance against the Tiger 2. On a side note, I would really love to see the rear-mounted 50. cals make an appearance on the US tanks (seeing as the M10 and M36 don't have any MGs). In addition to this, any roof-mounted machine guns that were available to tanks of other factions could be added (IS-2 and german commander MGs)

    Shooting Bots

    @PIOSK3 Like I have said, I have been playing the game for a few years now and leading the target is not an issue for me. The issue I have is that these bots are more difficult to shoot while they are moving. If I lead the target on a bot like as I would with a normal player it will 100% miss. Additionally, the tracer freezes in midair and even if it shows the tracer 'hitting' the target it doesn't register. Then again, this issue is only with bots and not players.

    Shooting Bots

    Bug: Bots are much more difficult to hit than players. Map Encountered: All Maps. Location Encountered: Wherever bots are present. Details: I've been playing for a few years now but ever since the bots have been added its almost impossible to hit the bot even from 5m away. With regular infantry, it's very easy to lead the target and get the kill but with bots its almost impossible to predict the lead. This may be ping or net code related but I thought it would be worth mentioning as there have been plenty of times where I have shot at a bot and my tracer freezes in mid-air then misses (doesn't occur with players). On a side note, getting aimbotted through several bushes when I can't even see the bot is getting pretty frustrating. How to Reproduce?: Shoot at bot.