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  1. That's correct. Seriously, why hasn't anyone bothered to explain what each component does in a post. Maybe I will if I get bored. Gun Barrel Destroyed: Gun velocity drastically reduced. In longer range encounters this is just as bad as getting your gun breech destroyed, as you literally cannot elevate the gun enough to compensate for the drop. Gun Breach Destroyed: Reload speed drastically increased, from what I can tell, at least quadrupled. By far the most important component, for obvious reasons. To address the OP, at close ranges shooting an opponent's gun barrel off doesn't really matter, since the distance isn't large enough for the decreased gun velocity to matter.
  2. iCocoaGaming

    A Serious Improvement for Air

    Hmm... I suppose while adding lots of new planes is nice, it's not gonna be that great if new pilots still get sealclubbed by T3 Fighters. I think the reason why its so difficult to balance out fighters is, well let's look at armor. Even if you are driving a Panzer III against some formidable opponents like T-34/85 or US tank destroyers, the fact that you're on the ground means that you can flank and hide and whatnot, basically using skill to outplay your opponent. (I've had some fun rekting Jagdpathers in War with light tanks with one of my buddies.) But, in air, sure, you can fly low and try to hide, but unless my understanding of air is completely flawed, you will get forced into unfavorable engagements with the top tier aircraft. It's kind of like if you were, again, going back to armor, in a light tank, and you could only attack the enemy armor head on. You would naturally be at a disadvantage because your vehicle is inherently worse. Tier 1s and 2s need to be buffed a good amount to be competitive, but then if you buff them too much T3s might I dunno, not really be worth the investment anymore, if you get what I mean. Oh, also thanks for not doing the typical "I'm a vet so everything I say is right 100% of the time" snobbery. It gets kind of annoying just shooting ideas out there and basically being told off for not "being there in 2015."
  3. Give the spawns a) A larger "spawning" radius b) some more hard cover and c) add a third spawn somewhere so you can always spawn somewhere else.
  4. iCocoaGaming

    are we GOD?

    No offense man, but you need to play the other factions before you say stuff like this. Also: KING TIGER KING TIGER KING TIGER KING TIGER KING TIGER KING TIGER KING TIGER
  5. iCocoaGaming

    Drum mags pool

    Remember that the PPD-40 and PPSh-41 get worse reload for the drum, and its not like they are effective outside of close quarters anyway. With headshot changes they don't even 1HK with headshot (a good change IMO) anymore
  6. iCocoaGaming

    Buff the Pershing

    In what way? I take M36 if I actually want to kill armor, and Jumbo if I really need to use a heavy. Couldn't agree with you more. I actually wrote a post about Tier 2 heavy tank balance if you want to read it. (Shameless advertising, I know, but it might be something you'd like to read.)
  7. iCocoaGaming

    remove AT from tankers

    When you outplay a Konigstiger with pure skill, but he gets mad and throws Panzerwurfmine at you. The whistle after they kill you makes it even worse...
  8. iCocoaGaming

    Are In-game events rewarding?

    It's really the same thing over and over again with Reto. I don't understand why they make the game worse for some short-term gains, when most other game developers would try to improve the game to get more players (and thus payers) and make the game the best experience it could be.
  9. iCocoaGaming

    Forward Airfield should appear more often in war matches.

    There's very few maps to choose from already, so I doubt anyone will have a problem with this.
  10. iCocoaGaming

    Can we get the american demolition kit for all factions

    The regular Pershing had very little use in the war, let alone Super Pershing (which imo should be called the Jumbo Pershing :P) But the regular Pershing really needs a buff
  11. iCocoaGaming

    will RETO ever do something about traitors in war?

    I'd much rather have matchmaking not be completely broken, having newbies matchmake into war when queueing for assault. You can't even blame the new guys for bringing down a team because it isn't even their fault.
  12. iCocoaGaming

    Game is getting better

    Haha, I don't know why, but even though H&G is definently a more arcadey experience, it still felt immersive enough for me. The sudden proliferation of captured weapons did it in.
  13. iCocoaGaming

    Game is getting better

    Captured weapons were probably just a way to get out of properly balancing stuff. Imo captured weapons were a mistake.
  14. iCocoaGaming

    A Serious Improvement for Air

    Okay, who is this even directed at?
  15. iCocoaGaming


    What is with Reto and removing good game mechanics? As for the OP, I really don't care either way, I'm much more concerned with who I'm fighting against than weather effects.