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  1. ian8107

    Assault team bugs on war map.

    i believe it was a town in France but it was a year or so ago. so i no longer have valid info relating to this bug. feel free to close this topic.
  2. I own several ATS and i was attacking a town from 2 directions. it bugged or something due to the fact that i played both lines/skirmishes and won. + moved my ats and yet the wrong town got attacked. I have several screenshots to prove. if requested.
  3. ian8107

    Recon suggestion

    I know its not likely but can we make it so you limit recon per map? like 2 players per battle or something. because mass recon on 1 battle is annoying as hell. and that's ironic because I play recon most days alongside inf/other classes.
  4. Hello, this might trigger a few people but I'd personally prefer if generals get rework (the character/class). If possible, here is what needs to be changed in my opinion: 1. all generals need to be lowered costs (not majorly just enough to be worthwhile as the end game. 2. all generals should have 3 badge slots instead of 2 (cos the 3 assault team/command badges). 3. All generals should have better XP gain from using Assault teams. from what I've seen over the years, players just mass stack level 12 or 15 characters for command point usage/hording. Please fix this if possible.