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  1. TheTyrannicalLlama

    Reinforce fast, bug or feature ?

    mmhhhmmm forbidden knowledge yeah pls reto fix.... yeah
  2. TheTyrannicalLlama

    Suspicious kill

    idk who Lauri is but this forum discussion is a goldmine for salt
  3. TheTyrannicalLlama

    Next round of weapon balancing

    @Reto.HadesWill the 20% increase to pistol rpm apply to base rpm?
  4. TheTyrannicalLlama

    Next round of balancing (november)

    So would you prefer that these noobs abandon this game? Why should noobs suffer having to walk so much distance and vets have such an unfettered completely imbalanced advantage of having access to some of the fastest vehicles in the game. The recent balance updates by reto have been designed to improve the gameplay experience for newer players. This would help to build on that. Also if you don't want to play with noobs join a clan! It is that simple. Or you can ask reto to implement some form of skill based matchmaking.
  5. TheTyrannicalLlama

    Next round of balancing (november)

    This is the biggest problem I see in terms of balance that this game has. It is completely unfair for new players and the grind for the most common vehicle in war is far too much for casual players. Maps are large and spawns are far away. Yet, when I play, I see noobs running sometimes in excess of 200m across open fields! Reto had the right idea to make cars easier to unlock, but it has not done enough to solve the issue. I hope they do the same and make motos also easier. Until then the issue shall remain the same and new players will have the same problem of having to run 200m every time they die or until a more experienced player can hold their hand with an apc.