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  1. It could be a interesting alternative to the M1G. I think it should be able to 3hk heavy set gold users with the jackal ammo since 4hk is quite weak with a single fire weapon and low magazine. However the M1M2 should still be 4hk. The gun should be given a unique look and not just a copy of the M1M2. M1A1 in the other hand should remain unchanged and only be given to tankers and paratroopers. Just and idea. The weapon itself is basicly useless in it's current state.
  2. BlobySlopy


    People need to understand that tanks themselves aren't powerful. Their effectiveness depends on the enemy infantry and your team's infantry. If you team lacks AT infantaries or they are just bad, Then yes tanks will be an issue. Tanks are also much more powerful if they are being covered by infantry. Looking at and around the tank looking for enemy infantaries, or killing infantaries that are shooting tanks will greatly help the tank survive more. It's even worse if they have a wrench and are repairing it constantly.
  3. Title. I'm honestly tired of tanks doing hollywood style jumps when riding off of hills or getting flipped over and over again by terrian and other vehicles. It's simply absurd. In most cases tanks should I always stick very close to the ground.
  4. I get that it's for balance but can you guys make it atleast a little less absurd? Here is my suggestion; US: Paris and Bordeux GE: Stockholm and Oslo SU: Kiev and Sevastapool I appericate you guys are actually doing something with the game but this just ain't it.
  5. They are not too bad but when you get couple of them in a short time, They do cover the screen a decent bit. This often happens when destoying tanks, getting in a point and getting a kill spree etc. Just reduce them. It's very simple. Also when you play the in lower resolutions to save fps the messages can often cover huge amounts of the screen making it worse than it already is.
  6. BlobySlopy


    Tanks can be pretty annoying sometimes. But tanks are already quite weak at some things and if you team has a few decent AT infantaries, Tanks are easy to deal with.
  7. It's pretty hard to add a new class into the game without introducing new content. Navy would be cool but most maps don't have enough water and they would need to add a bunch of ships into the game which would take a very long time to make. We probably will never have any new classes. But they could perhaps change/revamp the existing classes.
  8. Well that still doesn't change the fact that the guns are quite unbalanced. Also there are plenty of people that do such a thing. I saw tons of people camp chokepoints with lmgs. The same kinds of people also like playing sniper infantaries/recons. A lot of them exist.
  9. The main tradeoff you make when you use an MG is that you get great firepower while having to sacrifice mobility. The main purpose of MGs should be defending and holding off important key areas. I'm not saying MGs are bad at those things, But the problem is that, MGs are also very powerful while being fired on foot as well. They can win any close quarters situtation very easily with little to no skill. And machine guns that have high fire rates(like MG34 and M42) can also get lots of lucky headshots while being hipfired. This needs to stop. Not only MGs are really good at close ranges but using the bipod makes them very accurate in medium to long distances as well (which is normal). They are very versatile and the guns don't have a lot of major downsides to it. MGs should be only viable/decent when using the bipod, They shouldn't be used like smgs. They should be used in a much more defensive/passive way. Not aggresively.
  10. The suggestion is simlpe. Just make them kill in one stab. Knives and other melee weapons are pretty weak in the game. When you could use a mini pistol and still use one equipment slot, they feel very underpowered. Getting right next to a enemy without getting shot by them is quite hard as it is so I think it's justified. One extra idea is to maybe make the knives do a "takedown" when you stab the back of an enemy. This might make it so that people don't just camp in corners and run and at anyone who comes close. So that the knife should only be used when the enemy doesn't see you and you can get behind them and stab them. And even if they do see you, if you got close you still have a good chance to kill them.
  11. BlobySlopy

    Remove rivers?

    Since rivers are a big part the map, removing them and replacing bridges and such would mean pretty much revamping the entire map as a whole. Which would take almost as much effort as just making new map. I think what they should do is give the soldiers ability to swim underwater. You can stay underwater for like 15-20 secs before needing to go the surface and breath. This would be intresting as it would make you less exposed and visible in the water. Allowing you to sneak into enemy terrority by swimming underwater and avoiding tanks and infantary fire.
  12. Balance out some of the spawn points in the game. They are too OP. I have two examples: 1 - 02 in mountain town. This point has a huge defender advantage due to how close the spawn point it. Its like having a permanant apc in the point while it's captured. Move it a bit far away. 2 - 01 in town. This isnt exatcly OP for infantry but it is OP for tanks. Tanks that spawn here have a huge advantage since they are across the river, have their body protected by a wall, and can easily stop rushes coming from d4. Unless you can snipe using a bazooka from 100 meters or have a another tank that can fight him, you are basicly screwed. There are way more unbalaneced spawn points like this but these were the ones that came to mind.