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  1. EmilWisni

    Petition for debuffing the Fw190

    Jesus... an other guy who have no clue on how to use his La-7 or P51... git gut dude.
  2. EmilWisni

    war game, plane and generals

    In GE side : The famous GeneralDecker
  3. EmilWisni

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Remove the flame? Well... aren't you aware that when a gun work well... it doesn't produce flame/muzzleflash. Guz the gas are burned well. Just check some example on youtube or whatever... so yeah, removing particule and flame is a good idea and im pretty sure it will increase FPS for everyone !
  4. EmilWisni

    Modern attack weapon

    Use M2 its from vietnam war and kinda like AR 15 You can also use SVT, its basicly a modern DMR kinda like SVD or SR-25 with 10 bullet. Also work with AVS.
  5. EmilWisni

    i love it how T2 US plane gets out-turned by Bi-Plane

    It is, like seriously... you can't get out turn by recon plane, no matter the medium plane you use.
  6. EmilWisni

    i love it how T2 US plane gets out-turned by Bi-Plane

    You are just bad at flying, sorry not sorry.
  7. EmilWisni

    V-Sync doesn't work

    Why? Yes it cap FPS but atleast it doesn't drain your PC capaticy by trying to get extra FPS. I use V sync and i have 80% of CPU used instead of 100% everytime
  8. Since the last update, M2 carbine (m1/m2 doesn't exist anymore) and AVS are now "Assault Rifle" and no longer "semi-automatic" so it should be a bug.
  9. EmilWisni

    will RETO ever do something about traitors in war?

    Lmao. Complaining about mods for captured weapons, then complaining about some people who play a video game and want to play different faction for different gameplay. gg barista... gg.
  10. EmilWisni

    Actual good build for G43

    Here is my good build for the G43 ! Get a captured M1G and mod it with stock bullet, scout 2, scope and full ROF Or get captured SVT and mod it with 7N1 (not ww2 bullet btw) trigger, scope and scout 2 ! Because both are way better than this trash stick.
  11. @Reto.Hades will you add them? Player will enjoy them and reto will make a lot of money
  12. EmilWisni

    P-51 Mustang Buff

    You are juste a dog shirt pilot. Learn to play dude ! Its not that hard
  13. EmilWisni

    Hades want to nerf M2 lmao

    Because in real life no matter the bullet you use, it doesn't impact rof? Only internal does lol.
  14. EmilWisni

    Hades want to nerf M2 lmao

    Bullet recrease ROF? Wtf you serious? That make no loving sens lmao
  15. EmilWisni

    Hades want to nerf M2 lmao

    So... i heard Hades want to nerf M2 now wasn't the weapon supposed to be balanced after MG 42 nerf and other weapon change? Or you think he still didn't noticed that if he only based on K/D stat he will nerf every weapon in the game that does become the meta? What is the next nerf? AVS? SMG? (LMG got nerfed so much that no one use them anymore lol)