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  1. toyotahilux

    Faction balancing

    Heroes and Generals is a fun game only when you win. Why that is is because the game balance is messed up, where like its a 60/30 split between Germany and the other 10 percent play as the Soviet Union. This makes it near impossible to win wars, and in battle, this also shows. Every time we enter a battle we get beat within the first few minutes because the other side always has more equipment. Furthermore, the battles are very unbalanced as well because the team with the more cargo trucks will certainly have an advantage and there's nothing we can do about it. Anti-tank weapons aren't common enough, so there's a limited number of options when it comes to dealing with tanks, especially when one side has a severe deficit in their numbers. Assault Attack battles are nearly impossible to win (at least as the Soviet Union) and there could be a lot more air involvement. This must be addressed ASAP, perhaps they can close down some factions at times when there are too many players in it. There should be a relatively equal number of players on each side and the playing field should be level during battles.
  2. toyotahilux

    H&G, Factions, RTS : promising change

    You do have a point there. I think part of the issue is that they don't have enough players in general and then the other part is that like 60% of the people play as Germany then 30% play as the US and 10% play as the Soviet Union. It really fucks up the game balance and you end up having the US and Germany taking turns winning the war while the Soviet Union just has to sit there getting loved every time. They should probably fix that first
  3. toyotahilux

    H&G, Factions, RTS : promising change

    There's no reason they couldn't add it, people are always asking for more factions and they could very likely add more soon
  4. toyotahilux

    H&G, Factions, RTS : promising change

    I think that some factions, such as the UK or Nationalist China or Japan were big enough to be their own standalone faction. Other smaller ones like Communist China, Italy, and France could be merged into bigger factions like just plain China, Axis Europe and Allied Europe respectively.