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  1. pablogm1312

    Japan localization in roadmap?

    that makes a lot of sense, I don't speak English very well and I don't know what they were referring to.
  2. pablogm1312

    Japan localization in roadmap?

    https://imgur.com/gallery/kWIxY0s what is this?
  3. pablogm1312

    PPD VS MP34-M3 ''Grease gun''

    Is it me or ppd just wipes out the smg lvl1 of the other factions ?
  4. pablogm1312

    Hades Hyped Me

    We are already two !
  5. pablogm1312

    US bias (?)

    I mean PTRD no PTRS, PTRD have only one shot I also mean when they lie down the ptrd is much more accurate. Either I'm very unlucky or the ptrd is more accurate than it should
  6. pablogm1312

    US bias (?)

    the at rifles are more accurate than you think I'm sick of being killed at 50m by a ptrd when i grabbed a bot's svt it literally seems like there was no recoil compared to karabiner43
  7. pablogm1312

    Will there ever be a sequel to H&G?

    They may be doing that to release a sequel, because, let's face it, the H&G graphics engine is not a marvel, it is already outdated for a long time, the graphic quality and performance (especially with DX12) are not very good (but it is not bad either) and that will lead to numerous problems to introduce new mechanics (in addition to the numerous crashses with DX11) With more attractive graphics and fewer performance problems (and bugs) the game could rise from its ashes (maybe I'm anticipating a bit, the game is not dead yet but it won't be long before? 1 year I think the game has left, and hopefully you may have 2 years left until much of the community is gone and RETOMOTO close the servers FOREVER where in the event that there is no sequel the game will be sold or in the event that the rights are not sold, hopefully (or not) the game will remain in the hands of the community.)
  8. pablogm1312

    Will there ever be a sequel to H&G?

    https://www.reto.dk/2017/12/06/reto-moto-partners-with-leading-nordic-entertainment-company-nordisk-film/ Some time ago (2017) RETOMOTO received 5 million dollars from a Nordic entertainment company, I doubt very much that in 3 years they have spent that overwhelming amount of money on heroes and generals (or if who knows I don't know much about the industry of videogames maybe if someone knows about this topic I would really appreciate if you could tell me about how this is going) Right now they may be developing another game or using the money to maintain the servers who knows. Normally a company that invests that amount of money expects to earn a high level of profits.
  9. pablogm1312

    find battle

    Stai giocando in modalità guerra? Poiché classi specializzate come il cecchino possono impiegare molto tempo per trovare un gioco di guerra, è meglio giocare per fasi (se non lo fai già). Le persone non li mettono in battaglia perché non sono economici e tendono ad andare sprecati.
  10. pablogm1312


    If you can, change to dx12, dx11 gives a lot of problems, the game crashes often and a lot of visual bugs, but dx 12 worsens the performance of some computers a bit. A few months ago this did not happen, surely they will remove a patch soon.(Jeśli możesz, pytaj po angielsku, więc jest większa szansa, że otrzymasz pomoc.)
  11. pablogm1312

    Ping drops

    It also happens to me only with H&G they are a thing of the servers, I play with cable and it happens to me from time to time
  12. pablogm1312

    Where can i find current tank stats?

    I was wondering if there is a page or some document where to look at the statistics of the tanks such as armor penetration, etc ... as updated as possible
  13. pablogm1312

    Any command for the game to render the bushes from afar?

    fixed, i switched to directx 11 and now I can set it to very high but the game crashes so often that it is impossible to play with dx11
  14. I am sick of not being able to see the enemies because the bushes do not render well, currently I play on low and raising the quality of the objects is not an option (or buying another pc) because in the mid the game consumes my 2 GB of GPU memory .
  15. pablogm1312

    Spawncamping should be penalized

    Now, you're right, initially when I started this post I was just so frustrated and angry about the last 5 games that spawncamping me, I didn't think much about what I was writing.