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  1. Firstly this isn't an attack on devs, more questioning there reasoning. I have seen the Russians get nerfed time after time this latest update makes the flamethrower more viable weapon at range than the PPD-40. Whilst the other sub Machine guns all got buffed (in my opinion). Whilst they did finally listen and give us an early antitank weapon we don't have to be stood next to a tank to use. we have no effective way of fighting at a range over rivers or bridges without the late-game weapons. We have the slowest firing less damaging sniper out of the factions. We are the only faction who's 1/4 ton truck has no LMG on, instead, we get the T-20 which is kinda useless if they get close or down the sides of you. The Maxim has a hit zone of anywhere on the whole map when ADS Whilst the german guns are more accurate than our snipers or used to camp in corners (MG-42) Yes we have the AVS our counter to the M1/2 Carbine but its more expensive. The Devs have even said if it was treated like an SMG it would be very on top and over powered... it is like they don't play the game cause people run around with LMGS and Battle riffles treating them like an SMG... as Russians we are better off buying pistols until we unlock late-game weapons to put us near a fair and level playing field. Is it just me or do they not care about the Russians?