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  1. DeadlyAlexander

    Resource wasteing in war battles

    This is why I am proud to serve the Soviet Union, which is already so powerless compared to the other factions that no one even bothers trying to inside us.
  2. DeadlyAlexander

    US bias (?)

    So funny watching you guys argue about whether GE or US is best, and at the same time saying that every faction is good at something. I am proud to serve the Soviet Union, where no one can accuse me of just playing the faction that the devs are positively biased towards.
  3. DeadlyAlexander

    US bias (?)

    *Laughs in SU*
  4. DeadlyAlexander

    NERF AT's

    All AT weapons are OP bc tanks never get infantry support and it is incredibly hard to detect, track, and kill an AT infantry sneaking up on you, especially on foot. The only warning you get is the KLUNCK of the h3 on your hull.
  5. DeadlyAlexander


    Stuka siren would be funny, until it beams me with its laser beam machine guns like every German pilot does to me already. All I want is a bomb sight or be able to switch to a bomber seat... I am bad at bombing :(
  6. DeadlyAlexander

    unequity in LMGs

    This is HnG, "weapon inequality" is its catchphrase... sad thing is that in general SU weapons aren't as good as US or GE from what I have seen/heard, and a lot of SU players are noobs who see Russia is a faction and join because of Soviet Russia memes.
  7. DeadlyAlexander

    How many credits should you/do you get per battle?

    OK thanks! I use DP-28 most of the time, and either attack or defend points. When I unlock AVS I will get that, although my aim is pretty bad, so I don't know if the small mag size will make it too hard.
  8. With my lvl 15 infantry, I get about 10k per War battle after resupply and repair. My KDR is usually pretty bad as infantry, between 0.5 and 0.75 maybe. I hear people talking about having millions of credits lying around, and I'm wondering whether they just play the game a lot, use a lot of gold, or if they earn more per battle. Am I doing something wrong? (other than having bad aim) And is there any way I can easily improve my credit income?
  9. DeadlyAlexander

    The Answer with 1 word forum game!

  10. DeadlyAlexander

    Should I be concerned?

    Just get on incognito mode, that'll solve all your problems, the FBI can't see you when you are in incognito mode.
  11. DeadlyAlexander

    About snipers

    sir have you met the German snipers? Of course not, they killed you from 500m while you were going top speed down a hill on your motorcycle with a 360 noscope headshot. Or at least that's my experience with snipers. US snipers aren't that bad, except when they camp in Church tower.
  12. DeadlyAlexander

    RETO - HADES, SU can't keep up

    Instead of merging SU and US, they could have them be able to fight together in a way. They can send ATs through each other's territory, but their resources would be separated the same way they are in those rare but wonderful three way battles. They could then add Italy as a faction allied with Germany, and they would have the same mechanics. So separate factions, and acting like their allies almost don't exist in the FPS, they still just play the game normally and points would be capped by either Axis or Allies. Ingame chat could have Team changed to be both you and your allies, and add a Faction for just your faction. RTS could do something similar I guess, and the allied factions could communicate with each other. I'm sure there would be many issues with this, I'm new to the RTS side of things, but I feel like this could help balance without transferring a bunch of account information to a different faction.