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    Tank hijacking

    I've been hijacking tanks on the battlefield for a long time, but still haven't gotten the skill to hijack faster. I understand that these are some of the most useless skills in the game, but then why add it if you can't get it? Perhaps I do not understand something, and you tell me how to get it?
  2. tusara8

    Reset of my account?

    Next screenshot P.S.: I played mainly for the Red Army
  3. tusara8

    Reset of my account?

    Screenshot - This is what I saw today Unfortunately I do not have screenshots on which all the soldiers and things were acquired by me
  4. tusara8

    Reset of my account?

    About half a year ago I stopped playing, and today I decided to go into the game again. In general, I go in and see the following picture: I have 1 level, soldiers (sniper, tanker, paratrooper) disappeared along with my purchased weapons and vehicles. What would you advise to do with such a problem? P.S.: All statistics flew too!