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  1. Blahnjah

    New update not cool

    Lol, I feel I'd need 20 soldiers per single faction to be ready for different scenarios. And to max their badges through casual play would take like... 10 years? But yeah, that's probably just me being insane. You don't really "need" more then 3 infantry + specialists. If you need specialists at all.
  2. It's a really cool idea though. It would add an interesting new strategy to many matches. I'd actually love to see it, cheaters be damned. Car thief would become a more important badge. They could nerf it a bit or increase cap time to give owners a chance to defend APC.
  3. Blahnjah

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    I bet, going by Retos track record, they buff AVS to OP soon enough. Since it's no longer a soviet weapon have no reason not to. Tryhards of all factions will need to buy to compete. Free money. And nobody can accuse them (Reto) of faction favouritism.
  4. Blahnjah

    New update not cool

    To be fair playing multiple factions is not really something people do. To play with real life friends or with ones they find in game you need to share a faction. And just on a single faction it takes a lifetime of playing to unlock all the stuff you'd want. So most people just grow roots or don't play long enough to grind other factions. Now there is 0 reason to play other factions, for better or for worse. But also unlocking all the stuff you'd want could now take several lifetimes. Thereby making people more likely to pay up. I don't think they will lose revenue.
  5. Blahnjah

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    Unpopular opinion but when they gave up on the game, they could have used the opportunity to kill the permanently unbalanced factions altogether and made it red vs blue. Update is so good I took a little break from the game prior to it and now I have no desire to come back to it.
  6. Blahnjah

    Kills/deaths statistics is wrong

    Bots don't count, only kills on other players do.
  7. Blahnjah

    How to deal with recoil

    I'm thinking mouse, pad, sensitivity settings have a lot to do with recoil control. I don't really know what that ideal sensitivity range for recoil control without negatively influencing aiming would be. People who have been playing for a while don't notice the recoil any more since muscle memory compensates for it, but like you said, some people control recoil so much better then others that it doesn't even make sense. Anyway, I got a new mouse and changed settings the other day, and I've been randomly losing control of a bunch of weapons. Not sure if it's just old muscle memory or mouse sensor or something else. I'm not going to spend time figuring it out on accout of a game, just thought I'd share my observations. If any elite players drop by, I'd like to hear what sensitivity you play at.
  8. Blahnjah

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    moobster u have spelt strumgewehr wrong for the last time, u need to edit ur post and apologise to wehrmatch asap! also they were not all nazis.
  9. I suspect you will not get many upvotes. Most here rely on skewing the matchmaking to their favour in major ways, be it veteran groups vs randoms or as staged germans or various other mechanisms, broken hidden perks like tanker iron fist and whatnot. Most people who appreciate fairer competition have moved on.
  10. I fiddled with my mouse settings recently and tested in staged. It's all true, my experience is the same. Most SU staged players can't even get positive k/d vs bots. GE in staged is what clans are in war. I prefer not to even bother with objectives. Trying hard in staged is a bit below me and there are too many of those credit sinking bullet dodging bots around the objectives since soviets can't get to them.
  11. Blahnjah

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    Way better. I still see pilots casually spawn camping their way to 100/5, even against teams with a few AT rifles. They are still the most unfair and overpowered class. But hg players will whine about everything, what else is new.
  12. If it has to be, I hope they at least make mod maintenance more expensive on captured weapons, so it's only available for people with funds to burn. That might influence their bottom line financially and would prevent total loss of faction uniqueness, especially on higher levels.
  13. You know, calling an obviously more reasonable and mature person then yourself a kid doesn't really stenghten any of your arguments...
  14. Blahnjah

    What's the point of 6min matches?

    Yeah, macros and soviets are what keep that kid awake at nights. I guess in his defense AVS would be the prime candidate for macroing. I don't know how people handle some of the modded builds I find.
  15. Blahnjah

    AVS 36 Not playable

    I don't like the AVS, too much range for a skilled player like me. My favourite weapon to use is actually the shovel. It's not bad, just requires a bit of skill. I don't really have anything to contribute, I just wanted to flex my shovel skill. Deal with it noobs.