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  1. Blahnjah

    AVS in new patch

    I don't think they wanted AVS to be the range king. They nerfed all its range abilities. It looks like they wanted it to be the TTK king among AR. But that failed because it turned out to be barely usable modded, even with recoil control badges. And plently of MG rivaled it anyway in that department. I haven't tired it in the update, it might be better according to the change log.
  2. Blahnjah

    I freaking love the PTRS

    I don't know, even on a plane flying really low, like at ppsh range? I'll try it but id doesn't sound right to me. I've assumed shooting at the pilot cabin at that range would be all the lead I could possibly need.
  3. Blahnjah

    I freaking love the PTRS

    All germans positive k/d but what else is new. What planes are were those? Reto's superb game design gets in the way of the icons. Recons are a meme to shoot down, heavy are manageable, but I can't really get shots on the faster mediums most times. Even perfecty lined up shots to the pilot cabin when they fly 10 meters above me fail and I'm pretty sure it's down to the game crapping out when stuff flies really fast.
  4. Blahnjah

    Cant destroy mines underwater

    Reto bizarro physics. You need to shoot above the mines. We don't ask why.
  5. My bad, I edited the post. Thanks
  6. Paras are pretty powerful for attacking. They don't need a buff. All trash players use them just because they think it's fun to jump out of a plane. Recons, and tanks for that matter, are OP in general. All trash players use them to get easy kills. Also don't need a buff.
  7. Blahnjah

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    Must be 😄 Bet he really hates when they outkill him too.
  8. Eu player and I've noticed a major increase in hit detection problem lately. I can barely even play semi auto, just becomes too unreliable, effectively 3hk I'm curious, does that "Moscow" server work ok for Russians and others of that region or is the performance the same for everyone? Hard to tell if my average time to die increased, but I often die seemingly in a milisecond from an SMG legshot on the same server.
  9. Blahnjah

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    Just because they supplied a platform, doesn't mean it's any good or that people will want play on it. I'm not even coming from the same angle as OP, while I did experience the same frustration I generally stopped queueing random a while ago. I could have been on the opposite team that sunday in some really bad fights. Like war matches of just strolling through points to the objective thinking where the hell the enemy germans were, feeling sorry for that single guy dying over and over trying to defend. Then cap the objective and watch the entire german army slowly return from the dead line, all recons on tandem bicycles and starter tanks. Once I played a match where I did nothing but drove from objective to objective not even firing a single bullet. Match ended in minutes and I was first on the leaderboard with 0/0 k/d. Full player assault map in war. Swear to god i'm not making that up.
  10. Blahnjah

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    And can it even be considered a game at that point, since so many matches lack most of the elements of why we play games in the fist place? No achievable GOALS for one team, no real CHALLENGE for the other. Only the shallow grind. And snce the matchmakmaking basically allows taking nba all-stars to play the paraolimpics, are there really really any RULES? Is it even a GAME?
  11. Blahnjah

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    Well I was starting with the assumption that Reto is a game dev, so... I think it's a fairly big problem since many matches across all modes aren't really worth playing. When a player has zero influence on whether his team wins or loses, that for me is a game not worth playing. And I think many criticisms of the game ultimately stem from the innate unfairness of the matchmaking system. All the game filled with cheaters, p2w, my team always loses, x faction op/y faction up etc. All basically stem from vets stomping noobs in staged and vet groups stacking on noob ramdoms in war.
  12. Blahnjah

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    Say they compromised, for example make noob staged only accessible to veterans provided they strip down to just a starter character, unmodded SA with no badges.
  13. Blahnjah

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    I went to help out their understacked team the other day and he insta-reported me for getting a bit blown up in an HE blast. I was like what the hell man, that kubelwagen with 2 germans was going straight for me. He didn't even bother replying. Dude seems real crabby.
  14. Blahnjah

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    Oh, that sucks. I guess in EU the game is still pretty active here and wait times are very managable. I also usually play SU war too, which might pop faster then the overpopulated GE, not sure. Also I don't really know the average waiting times for war to pop since I usually go AFK doing other stuff while the whoever invited me fiddles with the world map. Can't be more then a few minutes though, since I can never finish what I'm doing. I'd be really curious what the HnG player numbers per each country are. Game is probably crushing it in, like, Uzbekistan.
  15. Blahnjah

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    I've heard that tossed around but I just don't buy it. When I random queue I will get shoved in a match almost instantly. Most of them to replace ragequitters or to fill in a clan/group queue. I can now effortlessly random join 5 matches in a row with all of them being just pure trash. So i would have essentially waited an hour for a nice match, unsuccessfully. And uninstalled this game for wasting my time if I was a normal person. I wouldn't mind waiting a bit more for a good match. Besides, random queuers could get distributed by skill/xp dependant on matchmaking times, just as it is now with ping. It wouldn't have to be a huge issue. We are also split between staged/war for no good reason. If they managed to make war less unplayable for casuals, they could probably make moves to move the staged players to war. Well, 3 minute of bad game is certainly better then 30 minute bad game.