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  1. And how did you feel when a group of enemy players push toward your capital at lightning speed, winning 5+ battles in a row, mostly against randoms and winning each battle within 5 min? Like someone else said earlier, if four friends want to squad up, fine. Removing the ability to queue specific battles is the only way to prevent clans, a very small group of players, from singlehandedly winning the war. What's the point of RTS compared to staged? You still know winning or losing War battles matter to your side on a large scale, unlike staged battles which stand alone. You can still do ambitious RTS moves such as sending paratroopers into Sevastopol. Even if you only have one plane or armor AT, your team will appreciate you sending them and helping them out. Or on the lookout for battles where your side has very low resources. Sending one or two infantry ATs could turn the tide in your team's favor.
  2. I was just responding to your earlier point about players not being able to use their own resources. For infantry, there are almost always ATs from multiple people, so AT owners in a battle rarely get to spawn from their own ATs anyway. Then you were really talking about more expensive resources like tanks and planes. If queueing specific battles is removed, big generals like you mentioned will be more reluctant to send these resources ahead of time, not knowing if they will get to join the battle and use them. In turn, these big generals may not bother to spawn as many plane and tank ATs, giving others a chance to use them in RTS. If you want planes and tanks in the battle, then you try to position your own ATs close to the frontline, but if you want guarantee of using them, then you have to pay the price of owning enough of them so that one will always be close to the battle you are in.
  3. In the current war, there are enough resources for most ATs to instantly deploy near a capital city, so you don't need to cover the whole map. If you want guarantee of using your own ATs, then you have to build up a large enough army over time, which is really the whole point of the RTS game anyway.
  4. The vast majority of players are randoms who just want to play a few battles in casual style. If you have to join a clan to have a decent experience, this game's days are numbered. Even without the ability to queue a specific battle, you can still send your ATs into the battle once you know which battle you are in. You just need to own enough ATs so that wherever the battle is, you can send the ones closest into the battle.
  5. reducing the time of autoresolve from 10 min to 5 min would help, or a greater penalty for being the losing side of autoresolve (e.g. losing 40 morale instead of 20)
  6. chw035

    Fixing the RTS movement bugs

    Yes, and allow the assault teams to instantly change direction instead of doing so after reaching a point. Allow the assault teams with low morale but enough for the current battle to be ordered to pull back after the battle even if enemies immediately launch another battle at the same location.
  7. Totally agree. Those 5 min battles are just pointless. Nobody, not even the winning team, is having fun that way, except the few tryhards who think they actually accomplish something in life by bullying randoms.
  8. Please allow commanders the ability to join the battle chat channel, so the players could tell commands what resources they need, whether opening up a new attack line would help, etc. At the very least, it boosts morale to tell players in a battle with low resources that help is on the way.
  9. As I understand it, if you press F11 and undeploy, your infantry spawn is added back to the resource pool. So what I suggested in this post should already work for at least infantry assault teams, by automatically undeploying everyone at the end of the match. Reto just needs a way to do it for vehicles not destroyed or captured at the end of the match.
  10. chw035

    Recon Planes Rework

    I also want to see ground attack aircraft added. As for recon planes, at least they should add Rosie to the US faction. Recon planes as they currently stand do have some use in RTS mode, since they give you a large-radius view of nearby enemy assault team strength and movement.
  11. What I like about H&G is that the result of each battle has consequences for the RTS part of the game, but the limited number of maps and weapons means the game is less enjoyable than it could be. Are there other multiplayer games out there (preferably WWII) where winning or losing a battle affects more than just the battle itself (unlike Call of Duty)?
  12. Tier-3 medium fighters (especially FW-190) perform considerably better than other medium fighters and the more expensive (costing more warfunds) heavy fighters, while we've seen thousands of heavy fighters sitting idly in the faction stockpile. It is a higher accomplishment to shoot down a medium fighter with a heavy fighter, but the heavy fighter actually gets less reward because medium fighter is less expensive. I propose the following upgrade path for fighter squadron assault teams: Level 1 Recon Planes Level 2 Choose between Heavy Fighters and Tiers 1 and 2 Medium Fighters (similar to choice between tank destroyer and medium tanks; motorized guard and infantry) Level 3 Tier 3 Medium Fighters This also corresponds to the dog fight ribbon, where the player unlocks the Tier-3 fighter last, after heavy fighter,
  13. I think longer maintenance time for Anti-Tank weaponry is a great idea. This way it only affects AT infantry.
  14. It's different in Capture and Hold. In Assault battles, you always spawn close to the control point you are attacking or defending, so walking is not a huge problem. In Capture and Hold, there is only one spawn point. You have to walk an entire map to get to most of the objectives.
  15. The faction without any APC in a Capture and Hold battle has practically no chance against the enemy because of how far they have to travel to the objectives.