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  1. 100% agree on this with u. This should be changed as it makes the game not fun at all. (for tankers)
  2. alon2005


    ???? When did i say that u don't get 2 shotted? i didn't say this but yeah i know where to shoot tigers and other tanks to even 1 shot them and 2 shot them LMFAO i guess i am on drugs for being smarter u know? I said that it's mostly false because ur not the only one who get's 2 shotted here.
  3. Hello! So on this topic i would like to talk about the tank crewmen using antitank grenades. So as most of us know playing tanks is fun and almost too easy or for some people it could be super wrong. Alright let's get to the point shall we? Ok! so here is what i think should be changed, when i play capture and hold tanks i expect tank gameplay from far away sometimes even from close range. But there's that one problem..... When people spawn on their teammates or just get into someones tank just to drive around the map and throw antitank grenades it makes it super annoying. I keep getting into situations where people have 15 anti tank grenades or even more on them as tank crewmens which in my opinion makes 0 sense and not fun to play against at all. Some of u guys may say just use antitank weapons for ur self and do it too but like what is the point in that then? where's the fun? I really do think that the amount of grenades that a tank crewmen should be able to equip needs to be reduced fast, or completely removed from them. Same on the explosive badge which is super broken as it gives u more antitank grenades i think it shouldn't affect tank crewmen. I do hope u guys understand what im trying to say here. Have a great day yall!
  4. alon2005


    that's mostly false i have the is-2 and i mostly get 2 shotted or destroyed by germans using antitank grenades on capture and hold tanks u need to play and understand the weak spots of the is-2 so yes ur completely wrong about this. the is-2 is a fair tank and probably even not that deadly as u think it is they just shoot ur weak spots.
  5. alon2005

    BattleEye problem

    Yeah they do need to understand that and in my opinion it's just stupid. This whole situation is stupid.
  6. alon2005

    BattleEye problem

    U won't believe it. It got fixed right after i uninstalled the anticheat. Weird problem but ok
  7. alon2005

    BattleEye problem

    oh my god i do in fact actually have faceit i don't play csgo that much i will uninstall the anticheat and see if it works thanks man ur amazing!
  8. alon2005

    BattleEye problem

    Thank u so much for trying to help. All tough It didn't fix it Ur still amazing for Taking ur time to write this down thank you so much man.
  9. alon2005

    Battleye is the WORST thing that I ever faced

    Same god damn problem and no fix for it yet.
  10. alon2005

    BattleEye problem

    Hi. This is the first time i ever encountered this problem and it happened after the update of the flamethrower. When it finds a game for me a BattleEye thing pops up on my screen saying this exact msg 12:55:30: Starting BattlEye Service... 12:55:31: Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (1450). I can't play the game. I tried using the uninstall BattleEye On the heroes and generals BattleEye folder Any ideas?
  11. Yep i opened something on the forums as well hoping this will get fixed soon.
  12. alon2005

    Rank problems?

    I've got an ss of my rank getting bugged out ingame and in the main menu. This is not letting me grind armor assault as well so please fix this bug Screenshot #1: Screenshot #2:
  13. here's a the deal. I Start Heroes and generals everything is fine obviously but then i play a game and then randomly i get logged out of my account. This thing keeps happening and i tried changing my password twice but nothing helped it. This happened ever since i came back to this game. Would love to get some help/answers. Sometimes it even includes a message saying something about an internet error and then i get logged out and logged back in.