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    M4A3E8 Sherman

    I was mainly on the German Faction, because i'm a german lol. German tanks are pretty good unlike the american ones. I was also shocked how bad the Pershing is compared to Tiger 2. I mean you can still win with a Pershing against a Tiger 2, but it sitll has advantages over the Pershing. Tiger 1 isn't that good, you can easily destroy him even with lower tier tanks. And I don't even want to start to talk about the SU tanks ,just ridiculous in my eyes.
  2. vWehrmachtsSoldat

    M4A3E8 Sherman

    Hello, am I the only one who thinks that the Easy Eight is certainly the worst Heavy Medium Tank of all three Factions? First of all it's overpriced for his poor performance against other Tanks. It's also pathetic that you only unlock the Easy Eight when you have completed the 2nd golden star in the ribbon, way too late. There's no way that you can win a fight against a Panther or T 34 / 85, except coming from behind which also sucks because the e8's movement isn't the best either or shooting his barrel - or his reload system whatever it's called. I had serveral fights against a Panther and it's always the same shirt every time. I don't have to bother trying to penetrate his front armor because this weak butt 76mm cannon with apcr can't do that. If it's not standing at an angle then u don't have to try to fight a Panther. My view. Well as I said the Easy Eight is simply a disappointment and should really get a buff.
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    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    Change ''germany'' with America.