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  1. TheRekter20

    Any way to grind armor assault? (GE)

    I already have the hetzer in my arsenal, and this seems a good plan,i will see how many points i will get per bot. thank you for your help
  2. TheRekter20

    German tanker war problem

    Are you 100% sure about this? Did they changed it recently? Cause i played this game since before bots were added, and after the bots i took a big hiatus. I remember bots not giving xp to the USA armor assaut ribbon (i farmed them with the starter tank for an entire game, and got like 20 points). Maybe its the fact you were playing assault and not tank vs tank
  3. TheRekter20

    Any way to grind armor assault? (GE)

    Yeah, i know this, but normal players are too rare in staged games thanks to reto introducing bots
  4. Hello, due to the fact that war battles with light tanks are very rare, i was wondering if there is another way to grind armor assault as a german. Any recommended light tank? I just need to buy my tiger but the grind seems impossible.
  5. Hello, i recently bought an m10 and i would like to know the best way to play it. Yes, i know hellcat is the best tank, but i am grinding for it rn. I only have the m10 and the starting us tank, soon i will unlock the m4a1 sherman. Btw any other advices on tanks to buy? Chaffee is too expensive to repair, but the grind might be easier
  6. TheRekter20

    Tank combat

    apcr rounds are perfect. which tank/s are you playing right now? and main faction?
  7. TheRekter20

    German tanker war problem

    Yeah, but normal games are flooded with bots who does not provide xp, i must play war to fight real people, and also the juicy war ribbon bonus
  8. TheRekter20

    German tanker war problem

    Hello, for some reason i can't explain, when i join my main faction (germany) in war, it takes enormous amounts of time to find a battle as a light tank. i am trying to grind my tiger I and the panther,but i just can't if i dont join a battle. When i try to join a tank vs tank battle instead, i get matched with heavies, and so they rekt my hetzer and stug. Anyone can explain please if its due to a bug or if it is a common thing for germany?