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  1. SovietMechanic

    in-game voice talk

    Voice chat? Ugh, no... But i would really like fast commands that soldiers will "yell out" like in BF and CoD series.
  2. SovietMechanic

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Bigger caliber=bigger recoil. More weight=More sway.
  3. SovietMechanic

    1.20.1 update :( ...

    From what i see, a lot of players in here are very careless about ther lives and will sometimes rush into you only to spam your tank with grenades/rockets/bullets and die 2s after, so yeah, you can sometimes kill a lot of infantry... But sometimes the only thing you hear after getting on your firing position is sound of rockets coming your way. And it's quite obvious that being in a tank means that you can do a lot more damage...
  4. SovietMechanic

    Nerf the skill-less crutch that is HE.

    More explosives=More splash. Cost of producing HE(UO-243 M50) and APCR(UBR-243P) were pretty much the same. Capacity of ammo stowage doesn't depend... Why? Ammo(no matter what type) takes around 1-4% of tank weight. So ammo doesn't affect mobility at all.
  5. SovietMechanic

    A small change.

    What do you guys think about giving SU recoon cap for infantry(this could also work with GE tanker cap)? Yeah, yeah, i know that guy(s?) from RETO will have a hard time doing that, but for now ANYTHING would be able to break the monotony of this game. Oh, and here's a small visualisation:
  6. SovietMechanic

    1.20.1 update :( ...

    Yeah, they've added peeking in first person, and what exactly is wrong with that?
  7. SovietMechanic

    LG4JWNBJM5FHFOKBWX code limited to 1000 users!?

    Well, i don't think it's a big deal, just some ribbon boosters.
  8. SovietMechanic

    More Maps

    You certainly haven't seen bugs on theese "carefully" made maps.
  9. SovietMechanic

    More Maps

    I had myself done some maps on GEM engine, and i would gladly do some maps for H&G as well if RETO would allow it.
  10. SovietMechanic

    There is a missing animation for the Garand

    Oh c'mon, this can't be beyond their abilities!
  11. SovietMechanic

    SU Paratrooper

    Well, they could reduce inv points of PPS-42 by 1 and add SKT-40 (basically a shortened SVT).
  12. SovietMechanic

    Just a few questions.

    By squatting i mean that some of the players randomly start squating like they were mashing crouch button or something like that.
  13. SovietMechanic

    Just a few questions.

    So, after playing a while and getting my arse kicked i can come out with some questions... 1. While sneaking up on Hellcat i have noticed that crew was... Well, it wasn't there(i mean, tank fired moved etc. but the crew still wasn't in there). Why? 2.Why tank crewmans are allowed to carry AT grenades? 3.Why the hell are all players squating like they did cocaine and MDMA at the same time? 4.Why the player can't hide inside a tank(while in crew seats in tanks like BT-7, T-26, SU-85)? That's it. Hope that my newbie questions will be rather easy to explain!
  14. SovietMechanic

    Special class for really good players

    Well, there are already gebirgsjagers in game (also known as recoons)...