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    anti- cheat software

    Did BattleEye detect Macros? I dont think so
  2. Cpt.Ahab

    Honest Discussion: USA keeps winning war.

    thread starter forgot 2 little things. Ptrs and the pocket tank. US& GE have nothing compareable. So we cant say its OP or not.
  3. Cpt.Ahab

    Captured mods

    captured mods would be a gold machine for Reto. Everyone would grind for the best weapon. Then Reto nerves it to death(like MG13). Then all the guys have to spend lotsof gold for the new best weapon. Cause I play mostly GE I`m pro captured mods. It won`t give us a disadvantage because STG & MG42 are best when unmmodded.
  4. Cpt.Ahab


    The only reason why US are winning all the wars within a day is because they are just the better Players. Ge & SU can`t win, even with their massive use of alt. Accs. and Macros. Their weapons are still OP as hell compared to The US. The ROF of AVS and STG is much higher than a Hellcact. And the long distance accuracy is much better than an US combat knife. On the other side M1M2 is not always 1HK, because sometimes you can miss the head. Thats unfair cause t34 and tiger are always 1HK eaven without Headsohts.
  5. Cpt.Ahab


    SU is not deploying, but GE still does. And in the last wars you win 2 out of three battles aginst them. So there must be other reasons why US is unbeatable in the moment. Sorry, but this game seems to have a massive balance problem in the moment.
  6. GE camo is twice expensive than other Factions. SU don`t need camo anyway. Their standard Uniform is best camo
  7. Cpt.Ahab


    Actual you cant stop US. They have 25% more wins than losses the last wars. So i did not think the game is balanced in he moment