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    suggestion of Capitals shift

    There is a simple reason why GE is winning so easily. GE has no competition atm. Most US or SU clans are not active + low popolutaion for these factions. As US main I dont deploy either I cant not be bothered to watch how my ATs are getting destroyed by alt abuse. Funny enough at this point certain "players" dont have to use their alt accounts since there is no competition at all. GG have fun roflstomping randoms.
  2. QuickyCZE

    M1/M2 Carbine or Thompson

    Says GE main i think you cant be serious at this point just f off with your bs opinions lol.
  3. QuickyCZE

    M1/M2 Carbine or Thompson

    M2 requires more learning/skill in managing going full auto. It has much better bullet velocity + only vertical recoil => works well on mid range. Downsides are worse iron sights + smoke from barrel which blocks your vision and repair cost. My assault character is using Thompson over the M2. Why? Better iron sights, hip fire and slightly faster ADS comes in handy. Especially in close combat after recent DMG buffs Thommy is better than M2. Keep in mind that Thompson is still the worst top tier SMG. Conclusion: If you have time to master recoil/you play regularly go for assault rifles. If you play once in a while you will probabaly do better with SMGs.
  4. QuickyCZE

    M4A3E8 Sherman

    Welcome in the US faction buddy. This is the Reto´s way how to balance game just deal with it, leave or join ez mode GE lmao. Reto from time to time gives SU slightly better weapons so more ppl join that dead faction. GE has allround superior equipment compared to SU and US. That is becuase of the fact GE mains are the biggest forum cry babies and wallet warriors here. From US tanks use only M10, M36, Jumbo, Stuart or M24 with Tiger II like field maintenance time cost rofl.
  5. QuickyCZE

    Any nice mod to AVS-36??

    My tip is to run AVS-36 with only 7N1 Sniper ammo mod and nothing else. Then you get really solid 3hk HSG competitive weapon. From badges I use HSG + FRG.
  6. QuickyCZE

    Tank Review #1: M18 Hellcat

    M10 Wolverine is much better change my mind. M10 is almost 3x cheaper to spawn, it has actual armor (ptrs bois cant pen you so easily + you can take more shots from enemy tanks), superior gun-handling, nearly the same mobility. Conclusion: M18 is overrrated and worse then the M10. Use the M10 ☺️
  7. QuickyCZE

    US is the new german plane spam

    GE mains complaining about "weak" fw190 because enemy planes can destroy them? kekw dude
  8. Ehh this is a hard one. Ive written few tips for you. #1 Equip Gunner Gold Badge for 25% faster main gun´s reload speed. #2 You should know most common spawn/camping positions on the maps. Dont be afraid to travel a lot with a Hellcat around the map. #3 Destroy enemy tanks´s tracks to lock it in place, just be careful if you destroy only tracks on the 1 side of the tank. Then that tank can turn really quickly on that 1 side but super slowly on the other. This works great against tanks with no turret or slow turret rotation. #4 Dont try to destroy enemy tank on the 1st attempt. Sometimes its just better to shoot him 1 or 3 times for free and then relocate. This works great against slow heavy tanks where sometimes drivers go repair their tank while thinking that you left but you kill them easily with HE. #5 Hellcat´s sway/recoil/moving up and down when stopping the tank sucks a lot. Peek and boo doesnt really work that well because of that. #6 Your key is to flank and ambush, use your mobility and keep relocating. But keep in mind that sometimes Hellcat is too weak to take out stronger Heavy/top tier Medium tanks especially when they have vets/skilled crew inside + strong position. Sometimes you just cant dig out that Tiger II with double zoom sitting on the D4 bridge because he has like 2 people who repair him. Just annoy him, keep him busy, put 1 or 2 shots then leave. At the end most of the times you dont have time for this kind of a gameplay in the war matches because taking out tanks with infantry is just faster and easier. So its better to play tank v tank games or staged. FUN FACT: I destroyed enemy Tiger II with Hellcat´s .50 cal. Personally in most cases I prefer M10 over the M18. M10´s gun for some reason works better for me, it has better armor which will keep you alive significantly longer compared to the M18´s one. Spawn cost is very cheap while it has also has decent enough mobility + Guys with AT rifles have hard time to penetrate you. US Tanks in a nutshell: M2A2 - memes, M3 Stuart - good, cheap and spammable, M24 Chaffe - 75mm but it takes forever to spawn it, M3 Lee - needs a good crew on a voice chat , M10 - great for credit farming, M18 - speeeed, Sherman Jumbo - very good all-rounder my personal choice, M4A1 Sherman - just underrated classic, M4A3E8 Sherman - expensive, kind of meh but that .30 is cool tho, M36 - great against tanks, M26 Pershing is not bad either Check out tank vet called Evelgal on the youtube. He has really nice action/review videos of H&G tanking. Or add me ingame.
  9. Just quick tip for M1918 BAR users: Marathon Man badge is imho essential when using this weapon. I tried every possible BAR build. Before the LMG rework update I used to play it with stock bullets and max rof and it was great. Now I like the most the stock BAR (no mods) its great mix of cost/effectiveness on the close to mid range.
  10. QuickyCZE

    Saved by the bell, War 1000

    We have not won because of the server shutdown change my mind. Anyways it was a good war and thx everyone for playing it except the problems at the ending.
  11. QuickyCZE

    Looking for German Tank unit

    Hello, If you want guys you can join us. Just add me ingame to a friend list and send me a message. Our squad is called 9th Armored Division, we are from EU mostly. We can use teamspeak or discord. We play mostly as a US tankers in the war, staged or in the tank v tank game mode but we can have a look also into the other factions *EDIT* Ive created discord for H&G tankers: https://discord.gg/SpgQ3x
  12. QuickyCZE

    weapons balance

    Yeah just git gud. Btw I love my mosin
  13. QuickyCZE

    State of the game

    Its GE stupidity if you still play with the Grease Gun 44. I wonder how long it will take GE crybabies to realise that Mg-42 >> Stg-44 and Mp-40 lmao.
  14. QuickyCZE


    Still I am not sure about the flamethrowers. Sure they can be a nice addition to the game but there are to issues 1st is balancing and 2nd is how heavy on pc performance it will be. If the falmethrowers will become the "meta" and I think they can. Becuase most of the fights on the objectives are cqc anyways + with the flamethrower you can just hold LMB and "prefire" corners. What I would expect beofre releasing and working on the flamethrowers is finish that silenced SMGs first, then add new 15 round magazine + animations for the M1A1 carbine and then work on something else.
  15. QuickyCZE

    Make scopes high powered again

    @_Finnish_Gamemaster_ If these scopes are too small for you then use @GaiusBaltar´s scope 😀 + it has no maintenance cost! Secondary option is to use binos but they got nerfed because of the "Scoped PTRD" thingy. Or just simply git gud with the ironsights lol. Giving low magnification scopes for the infantry was the right move-change my mind. Becuase back then there was almost no point of playing as a recon. Games was just full of scoped BA or SA rifle bush campers. I agree with the idea of removing scopes from the infantry imho it would be for the better. @Reto.Hades Hello, why i can mount old 4,0x scope on my GE para FG-42 but i cant mount old 2,8x T-post scope on my US para M1 Carbine (only option is to mount that new 1,9x small scope)? If you are making scope changes make them same for everyone thx. But still I cant decide if paras should keep old scopes or not-this could be a topic for a discussion.