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  1. RedBaronGaming

    New Tank destroyer suggestion (Jagdtiger)

    ISU wouldn't be Overkill, it would be another tank, only overkill there would be is AT spam, in TvT, ISU and Jagdtiger would make battles a lot more fierce. I do agree that the maps in this game are bad, but the armor on the Jagdtiger is near same as Tiger II. I saw your post about armor 3.0. Yeah the armor recently added is making tank battles restarted for light tanks. Only the heavy tanks get benefits from it. Tigers and Jacksons can 2 shot small tanks, while during a battle it took 5 clips to take out a Wolverine, ON THE SIDE!
  2. RedBaronGaming


    yeah, MG-13 needs a damage nerf, it is way to overpowered with damage, in fact, all LMG's need a nerf in damage tbh.
  3. RedBaronGaming

    Germany in war

    Germany in War sucks, because Russia is to the right, and USA to the left. If you look at the city connections, they are trash, America and USSR barley have to attack each other while Germany has the brunt of the war. City connections need to change in my opinion...
  4. RedBaronGaming

    German Loadout Thread

    My loadouts- Support Class 1 - MP 40 - C96 - Wrench Secondary Attack - K98K - Medkits
  5. RedBaronGaming

    Just sayin'

    Yeah, that's crazy! LOL
  6. If you want a Great ribbon loadout, I use Fast reload and Tight Grip for fast firing weapons!
  7. RedBaronGaming

    Captured M1A1 Carbine

    I don't think it is pal.
  8. RedBaronGaming

    New Tank destroyer suggestion (Jagdtiger)

    Hey guys, my poll is embedded in the post, please leave opinions in the poll!