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    suggestion of Capitals shift

    give me back (cope)nhagen & Stockholm back for US :( not done with me plane airforce
  2. VIEF_Cheesecake

    New planes

    No, but what they can and are hopefully planning to do is balance the tier1s/tier2s/heavies so they can compete against eachother and against tier 3s properly
  3. VIEF_Cheesecake

    M2 Carbine Sights Error

    "Carbine doesn't actually share any mods with the carbine" XD fix that statement
  4. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Major and Medic Classes (For the Developers)

    no because those probably require special resources for them that no one would use Also that medic thing is a waste, as most infantry carry anyway otherwise if they dont, theyll die anyway when healed most of the time. Its more reliable to be able to carry a gun and to cap points, to complete the objective
  5. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Why is there no UK side

    clowns think adding the BrI Ish will get this game +100,000 new players XDDRAWRUwU!!!
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    buff german pls

    The kubelwagen has the best camo, therefore it is the best jeep.
  7. VIEF_Cheesecake

    buff german pls

    If the kubelwagen is so bad, maybe Volkswagen should of designed it better.
  8. VIEF_Cheesecake

    buff german pls

    They have cannons that can deal with armor, otherwise use HE, the single bomb tor the most part is destructive too
  9. VIEF_Cheesecake

    I can never seem to find staged assault games that have tanks?

    It's the RNG, your best bet is to queue as a certain specialist if you want to see that specialist, sometimes you will get a match with every resource, sometimes you wont
  10. VIEF_Cheesecake

    A Serious Improvement for Air

    quite frankly a bootleg version of my response 🤣, please speak english
  11. VIEF_Cheesecake


    Lol, this logic is so sad, I'll consider it a very low effort satire. >not everyone can deploy or have tank ATs, let alone the correct one that may be able to compete against the enemy tanks (not everyone is a filthy tanker main such as yourself!) >planes have a long queue time, sometimes they cannot even reach the city. Not everyone wants to fly planes some people want to play the main class, aka infantry. also the assault teams have to be nearby the city you're in, tanks are very slow to move on the rts map you know? You know this right? since you own tank ATs, wink wink, 😉 Finally, the problem of the map doesnt fall under *just* tanks being x against infantry, it can be infantry snipers and recon, or it can even be planes. Completely derailing your argument.
  12. VIEF_Cheesecake


    Fully modded captured guns was a garbage addition :P, but yea stupid E/D line against tanks is so incredibly boring and Is why I am not playing right now new player experience was always wack, shroud will never play this 🤣
  13. VIEF_Cheesecake

    A Serious Improvement for Air

    in 2015 flying was very different... so that is irrelevant, skill should be acknowledged more as I've seen plenty who are good that were never seen during pre tier 3 times
  14. VIEF_Cheesecake

    A Serious Improvement for Air

    No worries, I've had this discussion with someone who may know what to do, but even then it's very controversial. For starters to balance the tier 2s, use the bf 109e-4 as a baseline for stats, so p40 and yak will Inherit similiar traits, but in the end both need competitive turn rate (not special) and competitive stall rate, and speed that can match tier 3s, to at least give them a chance. Heavy fighters imo need to be cheaper for what they're worth, and require better stall rate especially the PE-3. From my knowledge yes, dogfights between low end players are usually endless turnfights >but not if they have a brain (which is why the fw 190 is very noob friendly) however as time goes on, you'll realize the norm for 1v1 dogfights is going head on and taking the vertical (in 2v2s or clusterducks taking the vertical happens a lot, but you're also gonna find a lot of turning, since you have a lot of room in these situations it is not as bad as you think) in my experience especially playing against m. sommer and others it's a lot about not stalling out, endless spiralling scissors and both pilots attempting to stay close to eachother to avoid getting hit. To combat turn fighting you basically require taking the vertical in a dogfight, but not like flying in space, boom and zoom works but its very scuffed, and you should rely on it when you're outnumbered. I think the problem with planes atm is that the new player experience is absolutely garbage, that tier 1s and tier 2s currently only exist to be farmed. Not to mention not very cost effective for newer players, so that keeps them away from it.
  15. VIEF_Cheesecake

    A Serious Improvement for Air

    There is gameplay styles for flying, it's not 100% turnfighting in every circumstance. You will only see that at the very low level of experience. You put a lot of love into this, but its asking for too much with not a lot of knowledge on the subject; speed wont make heavy fighters viable, the 410 already is like this. They're able to compete with medium fighters to a certain extent, best solution (how it was in the past) was to separate them ingame As for your idea of rearmament, I disagree. I can see where you're getting this from, war thunder, bad game to take inspiration from. Planes like the la7 have very low ammo capacity and that problem was fixed with bombs away badge and starting the reload timer. Not to mention that bombs dont do much to make up for running back and forth to rearm, it's very time consuming and not good gameplay. It also may destroy midair bombing art.... The arcade style of flying in hng is why it's a very fun experience, as someone who has played both war thunder and hng planes for a while, all you're asking for is really taking away the fast paced action of dogfighting or the flexibility one feels when pilotting. Sure, realism is cool, but it has no place to be exaggerated in hng. The current system is fine, the only issues being the massive inbalance between tier 2 fighters to tier 3 and heavy fighters (but not what you think)
  16. VIEF_Cheesecake

    P-51 Mustang Buff

    Buy a tier 3, its easy, I still fly the 109/mig/p35 against tier 3s and win. It's the skill not the plane Also nice half life reference
  17. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Hades want to nerf M2 lmao

    It can do AR things, yes that gun can do range. It can also work as a smg, but doesnt totally outclass the thompson in that area, it's more reliable because it can do range and hit at range like an AR. A PDW, a literal carbine as the name states. The fast rate of fire is also what makes it fun to use.
  18. VIEF_Cheesecake

    P-51 Mustang Buff

    Mustang is the most survivable because of its roll rate, using it well will make you invincible to said inexperienced pilots, and will also allow you to make decisions quicker, with good positioning and game sense. It becomes superior, especially when that roll rate is reliable in 2v2s. It is the best bait therefore the most survivable, whilst also being the fastest. A good pilot with good aim can one pass a fw 190 in a turn, or severely damage it. It just needs the right angle, majority of the time it will. I also speak from pure experience, as a pilot for all factions. ❤️
  19. VIEF_Cheesecake

    P-51 Mustang Buff

    Mustangs turn rate, as long as the angle is correct is enough to severely damage or even kill a fw 190 in a turn, fw 190 and every other plane does suffer against being outnumbered, mustang is the most survivable in every given situation. I mean this, if were comparing the average plane. On the other hand La7 is a monster at armor damage. I use IFG on each of my pilots unless HE ones. 50 cals can still do a bit, but that is why you rely on the bombs more.
  20. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Rushing ruining the game?

    Damn what an absolute chad. 420 upvotes too 😎
  21. VIEF_Cheesecake

    P-51 Mustang Buff

    Mustang doesn't need a buff, nore a nerf. I say this as a player who has flown all three top tier fighters, mustang being my most played followed shortly by the LA-7. The mustang has the best of every plane, being the middle ground in turning compared to the fw190/la7, having a far better roll rate than either and a better stall rate than the fw 190 while slightly less than the la7. If you compare all three of the weapons armament they're very similiar, and kill at pretty much the same speed. The 50 cals are monsters vs other planes. Yes it's a little less effective vs tanks but it makes up for that with two very nice bombs. P51 vs Fw 190? What about it? Do you easily get baited into a turn fight against a fw 190, do you forget that you have the ability to stall fight? The fw 190 relies on its stats instead of raw skill, aka its turn rate. Which is why its frustrating to play against because most pleb pilots only know how to turn. Yes it takes 3x more effort to kill a fw 190, but that does not make it the better plane. LA7 takes more effort to use as well, it's a mustang with weights. When used properly, the mustang becomes the best dog fighter in the game, as it has the best of everything in terms of its flight model.
  22. VIEF_Cheesecake

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    "Good pilots" pilots that actually matter dislike AT rifles so much you can "avoid them", in dogfights I will take altitude to bait enemy pilots to the edge of the map, but upon doing so is very frustrating as plebs always fly near the center or run back to the center. When HE clicking (rarely do I ever) you run the risk of getting killed each pass while not dishing out much, as someone who has a give and receive experience with AT rifles, they're very cancer to deal with and easy to use. Two ptrs guys is all you need as far as I've seen. Keep in mind that planes arent that common in war and that their effectiveness increases or decreases depending on the line, map or weather. Not to mention that planes have to kill at least 7 players or 1 plane to make back profit for whom ever sent them. But that being said, take AT rifles away and you dont really have a super effective counter against planes considering the US/SU AA arent very good, and that SPAAs literally use APC resources while dying fairly easily. Dont think AT rifles need to be the answer though, not everyone has a ptrs on each faction. Maybe if there was more AA around maps, or being in AA was actually survivable it would be better. It's a very hard topic to discuss but even the slightest nerf wouldnt be a problem No the germans have the most overpowered plane, not the best. The fw 190 relies on its stats therefore to use it properly you abuse it as a skill less crutch. It takes 3x more effort to kill a fw 190 than any other plane in the game. This is why most vet pilots rarely fly the fw 190 if it's not for war
  23. VIEF_Cheesecake

    General MG question

    Both dont even need tight grip to be controlled while standing up, lol?
  24. VIEF_Cheesecake

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    I'm not sure how you miss tanks but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since this has happend like once for me, but I'm sure it is intended anyway. Honestly just use a zooka for AT
  25. VIEF_Cheesecake

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    PTRS is more inaccurate If you dont mind, I've also taken the liberty of shooting them with a PZB effectively. It's good that AT rifles are slightly inaccurate otherwise they will just be annoying as hell against infantry despite being pointless.