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  1. VIEF_Cheesecake

    General MG question

    Both dont even need tight grip to be controlled while standing up, lol?
  2. VIEF_Cheesecake

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    I'm not sure how you miss tanks but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since this has happend like once for me, but I'm sure it is intended anyway. Honestly just use a zooka for AT
  3. VIEF_Cheesecake

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    PTRS is more inaccurate If you dont mind, I've also taken the liberty of shooting them with a PZB effectively. It's good that AT rifles are slightly inaccurate otherwise they will just be annoying as hell against infantry despite being pointless.
  4. VIEF_Cheesecake

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    Just farmed a bunch of planes with PTRS with absolutely no effort, what gives? Have you tried aiming?
  5. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

  6. VIEF_Cheesecake

    OWL HE round

    HE should be usable....
  7. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    I regret to inform you that I no longer have any reason to play GE or SU as I can just run the fully modded captured STG on US. Never felt so easy to use. >though I switch between loadouts anyway depending on my mood like the carbine, Johnson or garand for scenarios As for gameplay? No it was a pretty crap update. Got bored of seeing the same guns over and over again. Diversity was great. I liked it when captured weapons were more on the gimmicky side, that was passable for me.
  8. VIEF_Cheesecake

    OWL HE round

    Have you tried aiming?
  9. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Modded captured weapons (Trello, FEB 2021)

    credit: PenguinH2O Problem?
  10. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Modded captured weapons (Trello, FEB 2021)

    SPOILERS: I was drunk making this purchase, but I guess I found a use for it here.
  11. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Which is the worst point in map.

    D4 bridge
  12. VIEF_Cheesecake

    New M2 carbine model

    I hope that the flashhider on the new m2 carbine works, I have been complaining about the smoke/muzzlefire since the beginning of time. Otherwise it looks good P.S the flashhider isnt a modification unique to the m3 carbine
  13. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Can GE have 700+ RPM SMG handling weapon?

    I know, Idrc for it to get changed. Hate playing against one in cqc though