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  1. VIEF_Cheesecake

    So I heard the panzer 3 has buffed HE shells now

    Play infantry
  2. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Petition for debuffing the Fw190

    You can deal with a fw 190 turning circles, stall fight - they fall out of the sky very quickly. Giving all planes equal stats is extremely dumb. Reto might aswell add captured vehicles in that case. I'm not saying the fw 190 isnt the most op or best plane, because it is. Its just not marginally op enough like tiger 2 va every other vehicle. Definitely the least skillful plane in the game for sure though.
  3. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Scoring criteria?

    Be a recon bud um tss
  4. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Petition for debuffing the Fw190

    Pardon me? The plane has only been out for just over a year or two
  5. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Petition for debuffing the Fw190

    It does have an engine power advantage.... it can out stall virtually every other plane
  6. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Petition for debuffing the Fw190

    There is nothing wrong with the balance between tier 3 fighters, of course the FW 190 is the best plane in overall category, it's not by a long shot or any meaningful margin, only at lower skill ceiling. What is really unbalanced is tier2s/1s and heavy fighters not being able to compete with tier 3s or eachother fairly the 190 is not as insanely OP as people prescribe, just dont turn fight. Mustangs are more annoying at times anyway. All I will say is that it's a terrible idea. All of the top tier fighters have their advantages, fw 190 tops all because most idiots only know to turn. Keep in mind LA-7/P51 stall rate is better than fw 190, which is a direct counter
  7. VIEF_Cheesecake

    AA Vehicles

    GE AA is far more consistent, deadly, and can reliably destroy components easier than US/SU. I've spent many time experiencing each AA using and taken fire, out of all of them the GE flak has done the significant amount of destruction by a longshot. While US and SU AA were easy targets, the coverage is relative anyway as you'll get HE clicked either way. I've never been bothered by US and especially the SU AA, it's clear both of them are underpowered compared to their german counterpart Edit: I tried to find proof that the US AA is just as good as the GE AA just now, instead I found even more reasons to believe the GE AA is superior, not only is the DPS twice as good, the maxim does a quarter of the amount of DPS the GE flak does, SAD.
  8. VIEF_Cheesecake

    AA Vehicles

    the only good AA gun is the GE flak, be glad that you can now spawn them in any point which is pretty fine
  9. VIEF_Cheesecake

    the tank update makes US even worst

    Play infantry, spawnkill tanks with AT. Make those HE clicking clowns suffer. Dont worry, I dont even think they're people. It's like hunting chickens. God I hate tanks.
  10. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Prototype server is open now

    they (reto) dont really use the forums anymore
  11. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Armor plates

    It's on hold, been on hold for a while. It probably wont be added because it's on hold, no need to worry. After all, it's on hold for a reason. We wont have to hold eachother when it gets released, because Its on hold.
  12. VIEF_Cheesecake


    We both dont, we just complain about it.
  13. VIEF_Cheesecake


    -^^^ This post was made by the guy that runs heavy set on all his infantry-
  14. VIEF_Cheesecake


    but I play infantry in war Was gonna put a video, but I was too lazy
  15. VIEF_Cheesecake

    Hurray for Japanese localization!

    Simply a difference in skill