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  1. Tollrasi

    The Forsaken

    • I am writing my last message on the forum, it is also an instruction for joining our community. If you have questions or want to see who we are or if you just want to join us, then join our Discord server: • What are similar beliefs? We are the so-called modern social hermits. We renounced the mass (majority) of people and their opinions in order to develop ourselves • What rules? At the moment, the server/community rules look like this: 1. Don’t overuse curse language 2. Any kind of spam is forbidden 3. Your behavior should not be disturbing to other people 4. No pornography and perversion 5. Political propaganda, etc. is prohibited • Link does not work You can find me and add me as a friend Discord Acc.: Tollrasi#6808 Steam Acc.: Also, if you can contact the administrator (A+): for example, you can also contact Argala: Argala#6254 Fortes fortuna adiuvat!
  2. Tollrasi

    Please remove option to spawn camp at bot maps

    Colmar was a pretty good map for unlocking weapons, progress, but not now. I completely agree with you. Especially about gg :D
  3. Hmm, but reto will take 3 years again to correct this situation. In general, I do not understand the point of making a lot of badges, why? After all, more than half are useless
  4. It seems to me or is it a violation of the rules???
  5. Tollrasi

    steam error

    I can only advise you to play through the developer launcher:
  6. Tollrasi

    не блокируют нарушителей

    Translate for all: "The player kills allies on purpose and spoils the technique: after sending the reports, he continues to play! -Why is he not blocked?" This happens often, if you think that the player is a violation use this site: It also happens that the player plays, and after the battle he is banned... Please write in English next time in this section
  7. Tollrasi

    New weapons

    If I'm not mistaken, there will be no more new weapons. As for the armor of vehicles/tanks/planes, there may be changes
  8. I think there was a reset. The system was slightly altered. I don't think 7-10k credits is a lot for you
  9. Tollrasi


    Oh, sorry. I meant the development team
  10. Tollrasi

    The Forsaken

    The Forsaken - small community that was created to unite people with similar beliefs Requirements for joining • Good microphone and connection • Your active desire to become a member of our community Heroes & Generals We play for all faction, but main is US. We play this game temporarily. Therefore, we do not need people who only play this game Discord Link:
  11. Tollrasi


    What? I talked about anti-cheat...
  12. Tollrasi


    Never. 20 people per team, what do you want? The game was created on its own engine... Generally anti-cheat is useless
  13. Maybe it's a Moscow server or a problem with the provider. Press F6...
  14. Tollrasi


    Hmmm, not bad not bad... But I mean about weapons You also need to introduce key fobs & collimators for weapons. Don't forget the female characters and of course the anti-racist race choice Reto: We're not a simulation game!!!
  15. Tollrasi


    Are u really?... Ok, where are my pink weapon skins?