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  1. iopo_l

    Effects when repairing

    Yes, that’s normal. I’m pretty sure its not intended to happen but it happens anyway.
  2. iopo_l

    Rejoin Rejoin Rejoin

    Make sure you leave/surrender the battle so that it says “Squad locked in battle”, then leave your squad. Or this could be just that common bug where you get stuck like that, if so, you really just have to wait until the battle finishes or it fixes itself which usually doesn’t take too long.
  3. iopo_l

    new carbine sound

    imo it’s a bit too high pitched
  4. iopo_l

    Lack of weapons in the deposit

    I’m trying to use google translate but it isn’t going too well. with the image you sent the soldier had a PPD which is a Soviet weapon that you have captured, and the wrench. If that’s the soldier you later ranked up and promoted then that’s what I’m talking about. The Soviet PPD will return to your SU depot, and the wrench will either be grayed out in your depot or it won’t even go in because it’s a “universal” item.
  5. iopo_l

    Lack of weapons in the deposit

    Wrenches don’t go to your depot since they don’t originate or come from a specific faction, instead they’re considered to be “universal”. And if the weapons you were trying to put into the depot were captured weapons, they’ll go to the depot of the original faction. For example if I capture AVS on GE and promote the character with it to a general the AVS will go into my SU’s depot. But if they completely disappear without a trace then you might have to do what trickshot said; send a ticket to support.
  6. iopo_l

    Login problem

    Hello, the best thing to do is to restart hng. If that doesn’t work restart your machine. Let me know if it still doesn’t work
  7. My guess is the 6th, and I'd redeem it on the 6th just to be safe.
  8. iopo_l

    Green screen.

    It happens when you heal up in an enemy spawn zone.
  9. iopo_l

    Flack Jacket

    this is correct as of the current 1.20.1 version. yes I'm pretty sure it also protected the pilot's plane a while back, but now it doesn't. and for confirmation I checked the h&g discord server. (ctrl + F type "Flak Jacket" in the server)
  10. iopo_l

    Right-Click to Hold Turret Position?

    or hold down shift..
  11. iopo_l

    Flack Jacket

    No, it only protects the pilot, not the actual plane.
  12. iopo_l

    name change

  13. iopo_l

    I can't claim daily reward

  14. sounds good. unfortunate that none of this helped.
  15. iopo_l

    Unable to claim daily reward

    if you played midnight or later, your reward for today has probably been redeemed already. Check back and play tomorrow or anytime later than today and you'll probably get your reward.