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  1. TheEvilAndrew

    Ribbon Sale.Dont be to quick to click.

    What's wrong? 30% of 3362 is about 1008.6 then 3362-1008.6 = 2353.4 so 2353 gold
  2. TheEvilAndrew

    anti- cheat software

    Yes is working, I know some people were banned, but i think you need also to report them in the game.
  3. TheEvilAndrew

    hng problem

    A RTS without tanks, planes and specialist, probably a RTS with only infantry, cars and motorcycles. Enjoy.
  4. TheEvilAndrew

    hng problem

    After about 5 years of playing I can say: this game still has got a lot of problems and exploits and bugs. The game itself is broken, weapons unbalanced or balanced by tears of children who cry "gnegnegne buff this, nerf that". RTS map and resources almost useless, I want to defend Rome with lots of tanks, specialists and planes, a clan with 8-10 people send only infantry resources with motorcycles and cars only, they join in battle, take A line and 01 02 in 5-6 minutes... Same maps for years with little changes.
  5. TheEvilAndrew

    Andrew VS As1n ! (twitch Fubared)

    Yes, I use nokillcam and fast reload, anyway I started to play another ww2 game. I will no longer play anymore this game in the future probably...
  6. I like it, I use it as german sniper ! Is small and undetectable. I named it "Sta attento, clown!" (be careful, clown!)
  7. TheEvilAndrew

    Make scopes high powered again

    Eh, it will not a bad idea, I'm agree to put back again scopes 3x or 4x only for BA, then default reconnaissance planes and default light tanks (WW1 style) at the bottoms of the line and near the capture objective like hangars but only in assaults map. So a infantryman can be multi-role.
  8. TheEvilAndrew

    can someone help pump a steel fist to my tanker?

    Why when I see you in battle I hear the boss music?
  9. TheEvilAndrew

    can someone help pump a steel fist to my tanker?

    I sent you a private message.
  10. YES, I tried is working, actually I have that badge on my infantry "tanker", then I tried to unlock with tanker by carrying people on tank but is not working you need to use civilian vehicle, sometime I try to spawn with light tank in war battles (more XP and activate chauffeur booster ), exit from tank , then use a civil vehicle and let friends jump in and go to take objective. By spawning at the bottom of maps is not to hard to grind and this way is not breaking rules because you are actively playing as a driver and help your teammates to reach objectives fast.
  11. Nothing special in this video...
  12. TheEvilAndrew

    Hi, I'm Baram. I made a video today.

    You always have the last word eh? 😂
  13. TheEvilAndrew

    Hi, I'm Baram. I made a video today.

    Come on, it is his first time, give him some encouragement =)