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  1. TheGreatIorek

    Trello when

    Nice avatar
  2. TheGreatIorek

    Trello when

    Why do I have to come back every month to remind you of this.
  3. Hello Reto! When the hell will you update the trello? After you update the game?
  4. The new ppsh model looks amazing! Why don't you do this more often? Update the old weapon models, if updating one model per month would be great.One idea would be to update models by category, if you all started with smg you could update them on the rest. In this way the game will become much more visually pleasing and maybe it will attract more new players!
  5. Please Reto add camo for captured weapons
  6. TheGreatIorek

    Thank You Reto

    the new ppsh model looks good, it would be nice if every update would update an old weapon
  7. TheGreatIorek


    When are you going to update it?
  8. TheGreatIorek

    New Semi-auto weapons (t2)

    M1 Carbine is absolutely useless because you can use m1a1 carbine
  9. 1 SU: SKS 43 2 GE: VG 45 3 US: M1 Carbine
  10. TheGreatIorek

    When are you going to balance the US devs?

    What would the perfect ww2 game look like? As if the weapons had the specifications they had in reality, a stg 44 had around 550 -600 rpm, could shoot at distances of 600m on semi-auto ,ppd 40- 1000 rpm, mg 42 - 1200 rpm, ... etc. It would probably be the most unbalanced game of all time, but that would be the reality. No weapon could be too Op because that would be the reality,
  11. TheGreatIorek

    Question on the H&G summer sale

    Haha, Marshal Antonescu, so here you were hiding
  12. TheGreatIorek


    M1 carbine and m1a1 carbine ? tell me if you find a difference between them. Someone even uses m1 carbine when they can use m1a1?
  13. TheGreatIorek

    This game is not that nice it could be

    Hackers, no, just toxic players with + 2000h in game.
  14. TheGreatIorek

    New nations:

    This very old idea on this forum is always reminded, but once Reto said that if it will be to add another fraction will be Italy and / or UK,I doubt if they even thought of trying to work on it.
  15. TheGreatIorek

    "Stg 44 is so OP"

    With I said no weapon is the problem, and what team uses that weapon, the first weapon may be the worst in the hands of a noob, and the best in the hands of a veteran. I didn't compare the weapons from the US because it didn't make sense, what I wanted to showis one of the most inefficient weapons (ppd) vs some of the best weapons.