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  1. Eksolothreutis

    AVS 36 Not playable

    Lored in everything you post you try to be the biggest clown around.We get it dude,you are 100% biased because you play in the worst clan in the game.Stop saying AVS is OP because some soviet veterans are busting yo a$$.
  2. Eksolothreutis

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    Guys,dont start ''clan'' wars here,this topic is for FG42.Dont make moderators lock this post.If you want to fight go elsewhere,please
  3. Eksolothreutis

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    Βy the way,I PLAY ALL FACTIONS.Each war i change faction so I'm not biased like you and because I like all factions.You,on the other hand just see things as a GE main.
  4. Eksolothreutis

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    Who is the ''Famous SU hacker''?wtf are you talking about dude?
  5. Eksolothreutis

    Next round of weapon balancing

    You spoke it all my friend.Hades said he will reduce 15% of sway but he will increase 20% the recoil.I personally think more sway needs to be removed.15% is nothing,really.Especially when used with scope AVS has insane sway and recoil.I would say that the AVS needs 20% or more sway reduction and lower than 10% increase in recoil.Another matter that needs to be considered is the AWFUL hipfire of the AVS.Hipfiring this gun is disgusting,bullets dont hit anything.I hope they dont mess it up more...I personally stopped using the AVS some days ago and I'm using a scope SVT, lol.
  6. Eksolothreutis


    What the h**** is this weapon?This gun fully modded is MAD OP!It seriously needs nerf.Not just the range which IS INSANE for an SMG but the damage too.That gun can easily kill targets even at 80m+ while the pps and the thomson are only usable at 30m max.Stop making those GE weapons so powerful and keep some damn balance in the game!Εither buff SU and US smgs or nerf the mp40.
  7. Eksolothreutis

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    Υοur opinion about ''SU/US'' players is such a joke.First look what your faction does and especially your clan(1st jagers) .People like you shouldnt even comment in these topics since your opinion is 100% biased.
  8. Eksolothreutis

    Pausing veteran membership until snow theme is over please

    Snow maps are ultra bad.They are very bright in ''day time'' maps and in ''night time'' maps you cant see anything.I just wasted my VM since i cant play the game as long as the snow maps are on.I dont risk my eyesight for a game.The thing is that nobody wanted snow maps,but as always they never listen
  9. Eksolothreutis

    So mouse macros allowed or not ?

    No there arent?Some people like you probably have 0 idea how computers work.Do you know how EASY it is to make undetectable macro?It would literally take you around 5 minutes to make one.So you are either ignorant or you are one of those people claiming ''Nobody cheats in this game...i have only seen 1-2 cheaters in 5-6 years''.Many people cheat.Get over it.Yes some people are EXTREMELY good players and dont cheat.But yes there are people using macros,esp and other sort of shirt.And yes macros maybe arent ''allowed'' but mouse macros are not detectable (most of them) so nobody is getting punished.We live in 2020,there are cheats that even are used by streamers (not gonna name any-aint a snitch ) that even bypass OBS.So,in the end,if you dont know your stuff about ''cheats'' dont try to persuade others into your ''opinions''.
  10. Eksolothreutis

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Go play the AVS with scope-trigger and you will realise that ''keeping it in it's current state'' is a joke.The gun has insane left-right sway and the current recoil is too much for a 15bullet gun.Meanwhile STG and M2 can easily hip fire headshots without even trying.AVS needs to get recoil and sway lowered,especially sway.Nothing more,nothing less.
  11. Eksolothreutis

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    I have some bad intel?I play all factions.And I even have a captured STG.AVS is nothing compared to stg right now.Even russians gave up on the avs and started playing captured STG and MG42.Your opinion is just based that because some VETERANS do good with the AVS that the gun is fine.Dude your opinion is just SOOOO biased and illogical.
  12. Eksolothreutis

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Buff not needed because you are a bad player and got rekted by the red scare?The only way you could play the avs right now is with macros yourself.So go back to GE and dont come and comment about guns that have nothing to do with your faction.Go play your no recoil STG.
  13. Eksolothreutis

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Your comment makes 0 sense.No sure if you are a clown or just a troll. According to your logic then the MG42 and STG must be nerfed to hell cause 1st jagers are very deadly with those weapons.
  14. Eksolothreutis

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    In which universe the MT is better than the M1919 tho?Definately not in ours.M1919 is better in every aspect.And la-7 best plane in the game?Dude...
  15. Eksolothreutis

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Hahahahahahah,that's so possible.Sorry if it gets nerfed in the next updates..:(