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    Join the 7th Mechanized!

    What is the 7th Mechanized? The 7th Mechanized is a new GE clan started out of a desire to get out of the loop of randoms who can't figure out what they're trying to do and monotonous, robotic clans where everything is "GIVE ME YOUR ASSAULT TEAMS OR LEAVE." We're built from the ground up with players who aren't just try hard machines or brain dead fish that can't figure out how to turn their monitors on. We're one of the few GE clans that actually rewards and encourages players to play and we don't force people to play for the faction under threats of bans and kicks. We cooperate, we don't take shirt, and we want players to play for the game. Are there any requirements to join? Nope! No silly application process or cultist tryouts that some clans do. You can drop in and drop out at any time, and you'll be accepted into the clan. There are basic rules and orders that need to be maintained, but other than that, you can be on your Rank 1 soldier or have six Rank 15 soldiers. Anyone is welcome and we'd be happy to help in any way we can. If you want training, we can do that. If you want RTS assistance, we can do that. If you want to be recognized for your skill, we can do that. Need to grind? We can do that. Want to play? We can do that. So where do I join? Right here at our discord: Permanent invite link: discord.gg/MDnANkj No cryptic teamspeak servers and fishy website links, just a straight up discord server, you'll be able to talk to whoever you'd like when you join. We hope to see you soon!