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  1. I've noticed that ever since the new armor updates that a lot of my guys using anti-tank equipment aren't gathering much Tank Destruction Ribbon XP. It seems that the only way I'm getting XP is if I'm the one who destroyed the tank, and for just having used anti-tank weapons in general. For instance, I might use my S.T. Grenades to track a tank and a tanker destroys it, but I don't get a lot of XP. Even games where I've hit 20+ shots with the bazooka, destroying components and damaging armor, often even being shown in game that I'm being rewarded XP for damaging the base structure, I don't receive a lot of Tank Destruction XP. I think this system needs reworked. Soldiers should receive XP for damaging and destroying armor and components, even if they don't get the kill. I would suggest less than a kill in total, but still adding up to being helpful in the actual Badge. Part of the reason I say this is because if being the actual one to destroy the armor is the only way to get XP in the ribbon, a lot of people are gonna be waiting to be the last hit, instead of destroying the armor. While I do think you should get XP for destroying armor more than breaking parts, cause this means it can't be repaired and a supply is lost, soldiers should still receive decent XP for damaging the armor, components, and health of the tank. Also, this allows soldiers who help fight tanks to unlock the higher tier anti-tank weapons and grenades without having to spawn with a bazooka or Panzerschreck and only focus on hunting tanks and securing the armor destruction. I also think this is a goo idea because it then means that soldiers who don't carry enough supplies to fully kill a tank without resupplying, or who die and then it gets destroyed by someone else still get good ribbon XP. Also, this would allow people who don't necessarily want to purchase the infantry assault rank 4 anti-tank weapon, to instead use panzerfaust to unlock the tier 1 Tank Destruction faction specific mines and instead plant those and play the game and grind AT- grenades while still focusing on the objectives. Also, this would allow people of different classes other than infantry, who don't unlock the tier 4 infantry assault anti-tank weapon to be able to use mines to grind the badge, either by placing and forgetting, or by running up to a tank, placing it and shooting it. For instance, I want one my paratroopers to be able to carry a smg and an anti-tank grenade so that they can disable or even destroy tanks camping on points, and not just be lambs to the HE- slaughter.