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  1. Boreas

    Weapons worth getting. MG 34 and STG44 ?

    FG42, which I named Maschinengewehr 13 so people can get confused by the killscreen. Not to mention, it looks pimped out, sounds awesome, and isn't half bad without mods~ Just wish the next patch would give me the option to mod it like other captured weapons, and prefer to have some paint options (Preferably neon pink)~
  2. As of late, I noticed that using Assault rifles that I pick up on the ground no longer give any infantry assault ribbon xp. Is it a bug? Or did a recent patch nerf the infantry assault ribbon grind?
  3. One of the big issues with Staged Assault/Hold and Defend in general is that the tank spam is terrible against what should be a new player environment where barely any player have a dedicated AT build. (With this being negligible in War, as there, most player actually have someone with at least some sort of antitank, especially with GE/SU) This makes tank uncharacteristically stronger than their War counterpart, and with the new armor balancing, nigh indestructable (especially when they do the unthinkable of actually looking at the only RPG spawn in each objective to prevent any pickups) unless you luckout and have a player who actually grinded the months to get to an AT infantry, thus making many going to tank in staged just to farm new players and forcing new players to quit from the sheer frustration of dying repeatedly without any possibility of winning. As such, would it not be reasonable to give some of the bots Antitank like they do in Tank and Recon Luneville? This way, staged would be more balanced for the different classes and tankers would be more careful - with those foolish tankers who rambo without infantry support be reasonably countered. This also makes it less of a farmfest of basically whichever team have an end-tier tank and roll right over bots+new players alike with impunity.
  4. Consdiering we are throwing gold at the name change, I'd imagine they'd budge eventually
  5. Just tried to rename my squads... and apparently "Paratrooper Squad" is too long a name (Could only type out "Paratrooper Squ". Given that it is available in that length in default, any chance of allowing more characters in renaming a squad?
  6. Since patch 1.9, all the unlocked vehicles (vehicles owned by someone else that you "stolen" by holding E) no longer resupply ammo upon depleting the available ammo.
  7. Boreas

    Capture & Hold [Tanks] Gameplay is getting far too toxic.

    LT alone is never a problem, I support that matchmaking class wholeheartedly... Since C&HT is supposed to be a pseudo-tutorial for new tankers, like first encounter is for infantry. Its weird that every new tanker in their M2A2 have to face off against a Tiger II in the first match they play as a tanker. As it teaches them nothing about how to tank and just make them ragequit after the 7th time the Tiger II OHKO them. 3. Actually, have you ever tried to fight a Tiger II with a Stuart before? You'll know why you need AT weapons in C&HT. Not everyone have a high tier tank, and when I play that map, 99% of the time I am fighting on foot with my SMG because my Stuart/38t gets toasted halfway across the map by camping M10/M18/TigerII/Panthers. At least in its current form, I can sneak up with my PzA and use its panzerfaust box + AT grenades to have some semblance of fairness against those end tier tanks. While we're at it, can we also nerf the bots with AT in the Recon version of the map? Playing as recon vehicles gets 2 shotted by AI the moment you move anywhere remotely near the town~
  8. IF they have AT equipment in the first place, especially against GE... I've been leveling my tank destruction ribbon on my GE antitank infantry for almost a month now (Using my AT Kubelwagon, free Panzerfausts, and copious amount of H3s), and I'm barely halfway to the Granatbuchse, and I would be lucky if at least one player on my team have the panzerschrek to counter enemy LT~
  9. Just curious, what are in your opinions worst and most time-consuming ribbons to grind in 1.9? As well as which grind could be best taken advantage of by a "pre-2016" class swapping soldier?
  10. Boreas

    Can i delete soldier?

    I have 1 US and 1 GE from when I tried out the game 4 years ago and didn't come back until last month... In your opinion, what is the best use of the class switcher? Easy chauffeur for recon vehicles? Or is there a better switch?
  11. Can someone clarify how squad resource works? Its not the first time it has happened, and it seems other than infantry, every other class have this issue of running out of resources near the beginning of the game. (ie. Telling me that my squad had depleted all resources after 2 deaths when there are still 144 paratrooper reinforcements available on the board)
  12. Boreas

    Tank Destruction grinding alternative?

    GE Level 11 Panzerschrek. I see... GranatBuchse... Will test that gun out once I buy out the ribbon. p.s. Yes, I am grinding GE~
  13. Just curious, would y'all recommend grinding credits instead of tank destruction? A 30 minute match with lots of tanks barely made 800xp with a dedicated Antitank box jeep... Considering that we'd make much more credits from simply capping points, would just buying the ribbons be a better option or am I missing something?
  14. Boreas

    K98 or G43 for Infantry Sniper?

    Gotcha, thanks. Will go with modded SA, from the sound of the suggestions, would also save me the need to bring a 1 clip MP40 for self defense~
  15. Boreas

    K98 or G43 for Infantry Sniper?

    Uhh... sure? I'm not completely on page with the point you are trying to make. Once again, my inf sniper is ONLY expected to face against other inf snipers, so 200-300m is enough. If there are enemy recons, I would bring my own recon with the better sniper rifle out instead. So yes, I guess I agree with you that Recon is the better sniper, but I am not well versed in hacking to allow me to spawn a recon in a battle that lack recon ATs, thus requiring me to have an infantry sniper.