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  1. After the latest update, theres been a change with AP and APCR, here I quote: " AP shells, we have decreased the tanks penetration values...; massively increased the damage this weapon does APCR shells, the penetration values are on average about the same as they were before; AP shells is unable to get through the armor of an enemy tank, the APCR shells in many cases will be able to" So my question is dow this change apply to aircrafts as well? If it does, does it mean it would always be better to use AP shell during a dogfight since most of the aircrafts dont have heavy armor?
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    dont think its a good idea, the map is way too small for planes. most players cant handle heavy fighter properly not to mention bombers
  3. I would say that most update are pretty good and I have never complained about any update so far but this one. After the latesttes update most new stuff are good but the closer aim sight just seemed so weird cause the only way u can have such an aim sight in reality is to put half of your gun in your mouth and shooting while chewing your weapon. I'm fully aware of the fact that this is not a hardcore game like post scriptum or Hell let loose, but at least dont make the aim sight look like we r playing BF 5. I always think this game is 'more or less' realistic but not too hardcore and thats why I think this game is way better then BF5. Now I do understand that a closer aim sight can make the guns in game easier to aim but I just wanna voice my opnion and see whether any other players would agree with me and, if possible, can we change it back?