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  1. czlopek

    War vs K/D farming

    Yea, I would love to get fokt even more by retardod teammates.
  2. czlopek

    Prototype test: AI changes

    May i suggest giving bots a special distinct camo? After all, you need to change the way you shoot to kill them. So knowing that you are dealing with bots in the first second or so of spotting them will help out in prioritizing targets.
  3. I'm pretty sure those luck headshots would not be such a big issue, if the time that took you to get on the said objective wasn't so massive. It's really frustrating to spend 1-2 minutes driving/walking just to die in the first random encounter. Unless you had an APC nearby or play as a defender, but still. My solution would be adding an option to shorten the way maybe squad deploy? it would finally give some meaning to it and make the game much more dynamic. Or Let's make helmets actually do something for once, how about we make that helmet can save you from one low caliber / long-range hit or at least negate some dm. When hit it would make specific noise and fly off soldiers head, after that he would need to resupply at ammo box to get a new one. Oh and remove heavy set.
  4. Here is an example, sadly it doesn't show marked enemies.
  5. czlopek

    New Tool Idea

    To be honest, I never managed to run out of armor on any tank. Expect one time at staged battle where germans had only machineguns on tanks. You usually massacre everyone, till someone gets pissed and tries to kill you back.
  6. I'm still backing up my previous suggestion of binding those icons to Q mainly because everything is already in-game, its the matter of turning on and off few options. And while not so useful that Dorito can tell you where snipers are or if that sandbag maybe rock is an prone enemie turning it into a semi-useful feature. p.s. we meet once again Mastah
  7. I'm pretty sure everyone reading this died to an enemy that was obscured by an objective icon at least once. As of writing, every single option for disabling or hiding icons has its downsides and doesn't resolve this issue, let me tell you why. 1. Off - Good option. it'll you realize that it also disables spot markers putting you at the disadvantage. 2. Fade in precision - Problem still persists. until you scope in which is not the wisest idea while storming the objective. 3. Fade when centered - Best option so far. At first, you may not notice the flaws of small Fade out circle and not being able to see spotted enemies while you are looking for them. We can't forget about spread while turning, making you chose between looking at the objective or places where enemies could pop out. Problem of enemies hiding behind icons STILL persist. 4. Centered in precision - Combines the requirement of two other settings turning it into ultra, mega, butt. Solution - Allow every player to toggle between visible and hidden HUD icons, just like leader dose while holding Q. (if you didn't know when hud is set to Off and you are a leader, holding Q will make everything pop back up even spotting markers). Just disable the option to give orders simple as that.
  8. It's not the weapons problem nor equipment, we are losing constantly because half of US player base is just selfish and/or restarted ...